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Early Preschool Weekly Insight

Dear parents,

We had a fun week filled with messy and fun activities. We hope you received the invitation for the most anticipated annual event of the year “ Art Auction.” This year the school decided to give all of the proceedings to Enredada Elder People Association. Preview of some of the artworks that will feature in the auction will come up on next week’s weekly insight. Enough about the art auction and let’s talk about this week’s activities.

On Monday we enjoyed water fun activities. First, we went outside to wash the bikes using soap and sponges and afterward we played with water by splashing our friends. Since the weather is becoming hot, we are planning to have at least one water fun activity every week. So please pack extra clothes and swimming suits.

The most exciting activity this week was the volcano experiment. When they saw the activity was about making a volcano spit lava, the kids put their art smocks on to get to work. We talked about mountains and how active volcanoes spit lava. Then we went outside to make volcanoes and make them spit lava. We used coca cola and Mentos candy to create an explosion reaction similar to lava. The kids’ reaction to seeing the eruption was priceless!

Journals Thursday – on Thursday we drew stories on a journal and shared them with our friends. The stories were imaginative, make up stories and some were real stories, too.

On our game day on Friday, we played “three-legged challenge” with the kids. We divided the kids into groups of reds and groups of blues, and we give them the challenge to run and finish to the end line. Since their legs were tied together, the kids had to work with their partner to complete the race. All the kids had fun playing the game! Here are some fun anecdotes during the game. Enjoy!

Zak “go red team.”

Celeste “we have to run so fast to finish first.”

Dominic “Hug me Noah; otherwise, we will fall.”

Nolawi “is it my turn?”

Here is an update on our afternoon program:

Monday and Friday - dance class with Dawit

Wednesday and Saturday - Gymnastics with Yonas

Price per each class is 250Birr only.

Have a great weekend!

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