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Dear parents,

We had a wonderful week! We have a new friend that have joined our group her name is Anaya. We are so happy to welcome her to our group. And please note that our yearly Art auction will held on Saturday, May 25.

Large group

This week for large group we had fun time exploring with the different corners in our room before we started our large group. After wards we cleaned up the materials we used then we sat on our pillows in a circle. Following that we sang ‘The Hello’ song and many other songs but our favorite song this week was the song titled ‘Apples and Bananas’.

Small Groups

This week for small group, we had art, music, exploring with shapes, goop and fun and games.

The children enjoyed each one of activities but their favorite of the week was Goop.

We started the activity by introducing the materials we are going to use in our activity which were cornstarch, food coloring and water. Then we stood around the table and took turns get cornstarch, following that we talked about how it felt when we touched it. Then we talked about what would happen if we added water to the cornstarch.

We had different assumptions. After we talked about it we added water on the cornstarch, at first it was at little mushy, after a couple of minutes it went dry. Then the children started picking it up from the table, when they picked it up the dried up goop it became very slimy, which really excited the children.

Next Week




Thursday-Volcano Fun

Friday-Cooperative Games

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