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Early Preschool Insight

Dear parents,

We had such a busy week! It is our honor to inform you that the Parent-Teacher Conference will be held on 27th and 28th of May. So please book a convenient time for you before Thursday the 23rd of May. We hope you saved the date for the annual art auction to your calendars, too. The event will start at 7 pm on Saturday the 25th of May.

This week’s major activities were

Large groups.

This week we had such a fun large group, we read books, sang songs, and worked on our daily message on the board.

Message board – this week’s messages were zoo-phonics, guess the animal (octopus and frog), counting cards and patterns.

Books - we have explored with different books, but our favorite book was ‘things we love about our friends.’ After reading the book, the kids shared who their best friends were and what they like about them and what they have in common.

Noah said, “Zak is my best friend because Zak is funny and he like Batman and spider-man.”

Celeste said, “Hazel is my best friend because we play together. And sometimes, I want to marry her.”

Zak said, “Noah is my best friend, and I like his spiky hair.”

Music – this week’s favorite song was ‘elephants have wrinkles.’ The kids fell in love with the song when we sang it in our music class on Tuesday. Then Celeste requested the song on Wednesday and Thursday mornings, and we sang it together. When kids finished singing, Dominic asked what wrinkles are, and we explained it.

Small Group Explorations

Patterns Monday – this week during our math class, we have been making patterns. The kids practiced their pattern, making skills using counting bears and different counting materials.

Gardening Tuesday – this week in our math session we went outside to check on our carrots. But when we got there, the kids noticed that there were a lot of different plants growing beside our carrots. So we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the concept of weeding and how and why we do it. The kids differentiated the carrots from the weed quickly and started plucking the unwanted plants. Now our garden looks neat, and the carrots are growing well!

Zoo-phonics Thursday – on Thursday we did zoo-phonics with the kids. We took out all the 26 letters and asked the kids which ones they recognize. We only went through up to the letter “L” because we were having too much fun going through the letters. Some of the conversations included

Zak “fancy fish goes ffffffffffff”

Celeste “but wait I know what comes next after baba bear, its Catena cat.”

Dominic “honey horse gallops so much and gets tired, and she said haaaaa (exhaling to sound out letter H.”

We decided to finish it in our next literacy class, but we couldn’t do water fun Friday due to cold weather, so we decided to finish the rest of the letters on friday.

Have a great weekend.

Liya, Martha, and Henock.

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