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Preschool and Early Pre-K


Are you having a hard time looking for a good hair stylist? Well, worry not as we have Mr. Adam from Early Pre-k to take good care of your hair! We hope you all had a fun week as we did. And we are looking forward to seeing you all in our Art Auction on May 25th.

Quick reminder

Starting from next week, we are planning to open water fun during work time, so if you want your child to have water fun, please make sure you pack them extra cloth and sunscreen. Our parent/teacher conference will be held on May 27thand 28th. Please make sure to schedule a time before

During small group

Journal Monday: we changed our plan from writing to drawing in their journal per request. They all getting better in sharing their stories and get more creative and imaginary. For example

Emma; she drew two people with two little girls beside them, and she said, “ this is my mommy and Jessi mommy, this one is me, and this one is Jessi. This is a beautiful rainbow in the sky, and this one is a beautiful sun”.

Next Monday: Alliteration and Zoo-phonics

Shapes Tuesday: They continued the activity about shapes. This week, they started to differentiate the difference between the 2D and the 3D shapes; they also getting better in counting the faces of the 3D shapes. After they finished with the activity, they made their structure with a different design.

Next Tuesday: Numbers and Patterns

Indiana Jones Wednesday: what a fun and sweet (they get to have some treat!) Wednesday we had! Last week, we navigated the school for this week treasure hunting. We draw the school map for them and put a little treasure (chocolate) in a different area of the school. We first have them the map to look through it, but we didn’t know we have little Indiana Jones who is so good in hunting treasures. It didn’t take them long to figure out the hidden treasures. We don’t know if they were so eager to find what the treasure was or they are just good explorers!! After they finish finding all the treasures, they put them all in the basket to divide. Them we talked about where they find the treasures, and some say “I found mine beside the rabbit house” and the others one say “I find mine under the trampoline” and on and on.

Next Wednesday: since we have been talking about how fruits are good for our health, we will be doing fruit punch and eat it afterward.

Cooperative games Thursday: our cooperative game this week had two areas. One of the areas was “musical chair,” the children circle the chairs till the music stops, and when it does, they have to find a chair to sit on. The second area was “skip-hopping”; they jump inside a pillowcase. Which was so fun for them as they try not to fall, which they didn’t.

Next Thursday: cooperative games with kindergarteners

Have a Nice weekend!

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