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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

We had a wonderful week! We want to thank all parents who have joined us for parent/teacher conferences, and we enjoyed our time together.

We would like to inform you that next week is the last week of school so please bring a flash any time next week so that we can give you pictures and portfolio of your child.

This week for small group, we had music, water fun, and obstacle course.

For the obstacle course, we had a fun time. When we started one of the caregivers showed them the trail, first they went to climb the stairs of the play structure and they slide down the slide, following that they went zigzagging through the two chairs. After the children went through a tunnel, and at the end they rolled on two mattresses. What excited the children the most was cheering for their friends as they went on the trail. When each child got a turn, they did it with a lot of energy and excitement.

We had a fantastic time while doing Water fun; we started our activity by collecting bikes from school. Then we added water to a shallow base and added soap to the water, and we began to wash the bikes we collected. The children helped each other wash one bike at a time using sponges and their hands.

We didn’t have a chance to do slimy fun this week because school was closed for the holiday on Tuesday. We will be doing it next week.

Next week

Monday-Music and Movement

Tuesday-Obstacle Course


Thursday-Can you knock it down?

Friday-Slimy Fun


  • Wednesday is our group’s library day; please send your child with their library folders when they come in the morning.

  • Also we have Art on Wednesday so try to send your child with art appropriate clothe.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

From the Infants and Toddlers group.

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