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Early Pre-k and Pre-k

Dear parents,

Time fly by when you have fun! It’s been two weeks since we began our exciting year. We hope you had an exciting week as well. The old friends now settled and our new friends are getting used to the daily schedules. The activities they have been doing for this week and last week was simple and fun. Starting from next week, we will begin our regular program.

This week in Early Pre-k and Pre-k, during our large group, we started to take data based on our “? Of the day” corner. The question was, “ Do you like reading books?” some said yes, and some said, No! And the reason for some of them to say NO was as Adam claimed he feels sleepy when he reads!!

In our small group

Math was yummy exploration. We divided the group into their groups. We had an activity about number counting with cheerios, but the funny part was, they were so engaged in the question of “ can I eat it now?!”. They counted single and double-digit numbers, and the Pre-K’s asked for the bigger number to have more cheerios, now that’s a smart move!!

Literacy: our theme for this year is, “All about me,” so we started our

conversation with whom we are. They introduce themselves to their friends. We printed their names and began our lesson with the beginning letter of their name; then we moved on to the sound of the letters. It was easy for all of them to pick their name.

Science: as we said it above, the theme this is “all about me” last week we talked about parts of our face and their functions. This week, we printed and cut pictures of each child's face, and before we tell them what it is, we asked them to explore with it, and they were able to put the puzzle together and find out what it was. They asked if they can do their friends puzzle and had fun in doing so.

Next week plans

Monday: literacy

Tuesday: Math

Wednesday: Science

Thursday: Library

Friday: Journal

Next week specials

Art: Wednesday


· Please make sure your child wears old clothes during our Art day.

· Please make sure to return the library folder, which we will send starting from next week, on their library day.

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