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Preschool Insight

Dear Parents

Here we are! Another month passed, and we had accomplished so much so far. Strong relationships between children started to form. This week's new famous word is Best Friend. Creating this social bond help kids to feel independent and safe in the school environment, which in turn will benefit them to develop Multiple emotional, social, cognitive, and creative skills. It also makes them feel confident to explore and feed their curiosity. Dalia, Iliana, and Zak usually share stories at snack time. Clemence and Sana started playing together at recess time. Nathaniel and Zak are becoming bike buddies, and they drive bikes together, chasing one another, and Nathaniel is always the first one to help his friends when they need help with a shoe, water bottle, or cho cho train.

Major Events this month were Family Day and Halloween celebrations.

Halloween – We celebrated Halloween along with the season change on the 31st of October. The kids were energetic and happy to celebrate Halloween even before the celebration date. We decorated Pumpkins in our art session on Tuesday, and they were talking about what costume they want to wear. On Thursday, the children enjoyed celebrating Halloween and their costumes. Different groups came to our class for a trick or treat. And we also went around the school to celebrate the holiday with our friends.

Small-Group Explorations


This month's Math classes were about Numbers and shapes. The first three weeks were all about shapes. We talked about the structures and foundations of shapes. We first introduce shapes and tried to see what makes that shape unique from the other shapes. Then we try to analyze the differences and unique properties of shapes.

Numbers were our other focus this month. We were concentrated on single-digit numbers and their value. In our message board, we usually have counting activities, and the children are excited to do it. We also have a counting song and counting visuals on our wall.


Our Literacy Explorations this month was about Zoo Phonics and beginning sounds. We had a Letter of the day, Letter matching activities, and zoo phonics games. This Month in Letter of the day we tried to see was Zik Zebra and Baba Bear. We have built a corner on our wall to learn about Letters. In this corner, we had different Zoo-phonics letters with visuals to help them understand the beginning sounds and the letter it self. We also incorporate journal writing and storytelling skills in our journal sessions once a week. We were also going to the library and learning about library rules and expectations while we read our favorite books.

Next month we will continue our regular journals, library, and literacy sessions. We are also planning to create a Zoo-phonics corner in our class, and we will be talking about the Zoo-phonics letter of the day and beginning sounds.


Science explorations are Very important for young kids. Children at this age began to sort things into categories. They discover differences and similarities in people, objects, events, and majorly on themself. So discovering their bodies is very important. Since the start of the semester, we explored human anatomy and its major parts. In the first weeks, we were focused on skeletons, body frames, and shapes of our body parts. Then we moved to sense organs and their functions. This past month we were focused on two important organs. Brain and Lungs. We researched these organs on the Internet and tried to have a clear vision of what they are. Then we took our experiment to the light table and try to talk about their functions and how we can keep them healthy. Next month we are planning to finalize our exploration of body parts and start other science experiments.

Have a great week

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