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Dear parents,

This month our science activity was water fun. The children were very interested. We collect the outside and some kitchen materials like Bike, Scooter, Car, Plate, Cups, Spoon and so on. And we let the children wash and make them clean by using soap, water and sponge. They were all very happy to join the activity.

Color Friday- We spent this week talking about the color purple and sang songs related to it. Later on, we shared among ourselves who wore what color! From next week onwards starting from the Kindergarten class we will choose a color for each week! The Kindergarten class chose Green for Friday, February 7 !

The children were very inspired to washing the toys; they squeeze the sponge on the bike, when they see the bubbles they liked blowing it and got back to washing again. We are very happy to see when the children learn to share and helping each other with this activity by passing the toys, sponge, and help each other pour water.

This month our art class was such a fun experience for all of us. We used crayons and play dough to develop fine motor skills. The children were using their fingers differently to make beautiful artworks, make a lines, dots, circles, zigzags, scribbling and make a mark and enjoyed our art class.

For play dough, we squashed, rolled and made it flat and create different shape with our hands. We then pretended to make foods and eat. Our fingers are stronger now.

Our Dance class includes basic fundamental dance movement, positions with fun and creative play. It is held on Wednesday mornings outside in the green area. The class incorporates floor work stretching using our famous movements like big like grand papa /mama, small like baby, hug yourself, butterfly, star jump, yes yes, no no, cat - cow …etc. We do across the floor exercises with musical statue games and directions to right and left. Our class focuses on building confidence, and always having new and exiting skill over the course.

For our language class, we worked on our communication, building vocabulary and problem solving skills and to help us we used Pasta, beads and play dough. We used the play dough as base and stick the straw. With our choice we used the pasta and beads, tried to put it through the straw. We worked on challenging our communication, vocabulary, small motor skills and problem solving skills. We loved it!

Next week plan

Monday- Movement/ yoga

Tuesday- Literacy

Wednesday- Art (Dancing class)

Thursday- Science

Friday- Mats (Library

Remainder: -

The weather has changed and its very sunny during the day please make sure to send hats and sun scream with your child!

Every Wednesday please make sure your child wears old cloths and shoes for our Art class.

We will send out Library folder every Friday please make sure to send it back on time.

New Announcement!

Little Einstein is happy to announce its collaboration with Fekat circus. We are very excited about this and we will start next week! We are going to add the circus to our daily schedule on Mondays and Thursdays! Here is a brief description of our new circus teacher who will join us.

Hello there!! My name is Eyob! I am a 24-year-old circus artist. I started attending a circus when I was 12 and since 2012, I started to collaborate with Fekat Circus and became a professional artist and performer.

For the past seven years, up until today, I started working with children as a circus and gymnastics teacher and clown.

The Infants And Toddlers Team!

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