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A week of Wonders in Early Preschool and Preschool Adventures.

We had a lot of fun and great week in early preschool and preschool. We hope yours was great as well!!

Large Group

Our large group had a lot of engaging activities. As always, we had our good morning song and our kids' favorite songs. Then we went back to our message board, did attendance, weather, Days of the week and zoo phonic from  j - m and we included new numbers from 6 - 10 and they identified different shapes heart , star and diamond.

Small Group

Cooperative Game

During our cooperative game, we had the pleasure of teaching them how to ride a scooter. Along with the joy of the activity, we emphasized the significance of safety by stressing the importance of wearing a helmet. We made it clear that, even in the event of a fall, their heads would be protected if they had their helmets on.

Their excitement was palpable, making it challenging for them to patiently wait for their turn. It's heartening to see their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and participate.


In our recent Math session, we focused on counting skills. We distributed flashcards containing numbers 1-5 to the children. To make the learning experience hands-on, we equipped them with markers, wooden blocks, and brushes sourced from various items in our classroom.

Their task was to count the number of items they received and match them to the corresponding numbers on their flashcards. It was super engaging and interactive.


In our library session, the children choose a book for us to explore together. The chosen book centered around the theme of transportation, sparking an engaging discussion on various modes of transport. The children eagerly shared their knowledge, identifying familiar types such as cars, buses, airplanes, boats, and motorcycles. After that, each child selected a book to take home, adding a touch of excitement to their reading adventures.


During our Art session, we delved into the world of painting. Building on the yarn collage project from last week, the kids painted the blank spaces.


In our literacy session, we had a delightful activity involving matching Zoophonics letters. To begin, we discussed the names, sounds, and actions associated with each Zoophonics letter.

Our journey continued to the sandbox, where we set up big Zoophonics cards on the carpet and scattered small 3D letters in the sandbox. The children searched for the letters in the sandbox, successfully matching them with their corresponding larger counterparts. The joy and satisfaction they experienced was nice to see, which captured their interest and making it a memorable literacy exploration.


In our recent science experiments, we delved into the world of cardboard recycling. As a starting point, we engaged the children in a discussion about various items that come wrapped in cardboard or cartons, such as cookies, chocolates, biscuits, milk, and juice. This conversation paved the way for an exploration of recycling and its significance.

Having the concept of recycling, the children brought in some recycled materials to contribute to the creation of our maker space center. Among the items collected were cardboard from tissue boxes, cookie packages, and other sources. To prepare these materials for creative use, we shredded them into smaller parts and soaked them in water for two days, allowing them to soften and take on the desired texture.

We are excited to observe the transformed texture and form of the recycled cartoons. Soon, we will engage our creativity by molding them into different shapes, fostering an environment where imagination and recycling come together in hands on experiences and playful manner.

                       Our plan for next week is as follows

Monday - Music /Cooperative Game

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Art

Thursday - Literacy

Friday - Gymnastics

                             Our Specials

Tuesday - Library

Friday - Science


° Every Tuesday is our Library Day, please make sure to return the library folder.

° Please send your child sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time.

°Every Wednesday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate  clothing.

Have a nice weekend!!


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