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Amazing week in our Early preschool and pre school


We had an amazing week full of learning and fun in our early preschool and preschool classes! We hope yours was just as fantastic!

Friendly Reminder: We are looking forward to meet all of you in our second family day for this academic year!

Our large group session this week,

 We discussed fascinating world of water animals. We shared pictures of various aquatic creatures and had detailed discussions about them. Afterward we started our day with the Good Morning song and sang other fun tunes together. Returning to our message board, we took attendance, reviewed the days of the week, and discussed the weather. It was an engaging and informative session where we explored the wonders of the animal kingdom and started our day on a cheerful note!

Cooperative game

This week, we had a blast playing a game called "Mister Wolf, Mister Wolf, What Time Is It?" The idea for the game actually came from our kids, who had enjoyed playing it during recess. It was such a fun game! Since the game involves running, we reminded everyone to be careful and watch out for each other to avoid any falls. Every child had a chance to take on the role of Mister Wolf, adding to the fun and excitement of the game. It was a wonderful way for us to enjoy some active playtime together!


In our math session, we focused on understanding and differentiating different sizes. This week, our theme was comparing lengths, so we explored the concept of long and short. We gathered various items such as water bottles, straws, pencils, rulers, dolls, and tissue rolls, and compared their lengths. It was a fun and interactive activity as we sorted the items to identify the longest and shortest ones. Through this hands-on experience, we had an enjoyable time learning about size differences.


In our clay session this week, the children beautifully crafted the rainbow they had planned to make last week. Each child eagerly waited for their turn and worked with enthusiasm.



During our library time, we read a book titled "See, Touch, Feel and Create." The book inspired us to explore drawing pictures using the palms of our hands and various colors. The kids listened attentively and then selected books to take home and enjoy reading.


In our science activity, we began working on our second canvas focusing on ocean animals. This week, we painted our canvas with light blue paint using different brushes and sponges.  We were were highly engaged and excited to participate in the activity mentioning the different colors of sea animals, bringing the underwater world to life on canvas.

Shishani “frog is green”

Nina “ocean blue”

Riley “Crab has scissors”

Hala “Blue”

Yamen “I can’t swim”

Milena “sponge”

Liyat “Sea horse”

Aria “shark”



After three weeks of work, we finally completed our canvas project! This week, the children mixed white paint with a hint of black to create a lovely shade of gray. They then used star-shaped stampers to imprint onto their canvas, adding a touch of magic to their artwork. To make our masterpiece shine, we sprinkled glitter over the painted stars.


In our literacy class, we had journal. Our kids draw their favorite things in their books using different colors.

                                  “This is my bag" Nina

                                   "She is my duck" Riley

                                           Our plan for next week is as follows

Monday - Music /Cooperative Game

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Literacy

Friday - Gymnastics

                                 Our Specials

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Art

Friday -Ethiopia center / Maker space


° Every Tuesday is our library day, please make sure to return the library folder.

° Please send your child with a sunscreen and hat as it gets sunny after snack time.

°Every Wednesday, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

            Have a nice weekend dear parents!!



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