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An Amazing Week in Early Pre-k Class

Dear Parents,

We had an amazing, busy week in our class! Read this blog to know more about what we have been doing.

Friendly Reminder: We are looking forward to meet all of you in our second family day for this academic year!

Large group: This week on our large group we started learning about the 3D shapes and how they are different from the 2d shapes we have been learning about, so we started off with the ‘cube’. We had the number thirteen ‘13’ and the sound ‘f’ as the number and the sound of the week. Moreover, for the morning massages we reviewed the 2D shapes, finished a ‘Triangle, circle, triangle, circle’ pattern and played a game where we all found our beginning names’ sounds.

This week we started our count down for the family day as it is almost here, and every day the kids got more excited to know what they will be doing and who can come over with them to school!

“I know it’s a cube!” Noam

“Thirteen” Malachi

“I will bring my Alen with me because he is my brother” Leul

Math: After finishing the measurement topic last week, we decided to work on our number identification and counting skills. So, we chose some materials to count with then each child got the chance to identify a number or two and count the objects. 

Cooperative game: As we noticed that some of the kids are interested in playing football, we had the idea of giving them the chance to play as a whole class together. And for this we had the help of two of the experienced kids from the upper class who explained the rules of football and played with the yellow and the red team. If you are wandering who won the match it ended for four goals for the red team and five goals for the red team!

“Football” Malachi

“No hands” Julia

Makerspace: This week we started our new project in makerspace which is robot! We went through our plans that we sketched before and chose the robot to work on then we started to think of the body parts of the robot and the materials we can use to make them. Step by step and by the help of everyone we had a whole robot by the end of the session and agreed that next time we need to paint it!

“It’s not finished” Leopold

“Yes, paint it” Leul

Clay: This clay session we worked on our second clay team project. As we were looking through our sketches we did before we chose to make the rabbit. In order to do that we paid a visit to the real rabbits we have in school to check what they look like and the body parts they have. After that we started working with the clay till, we made one rabbit all together.

“Eyes” Hongyu

“Two hands” Mitsuki

Science: This week on our food topic we learnt about the dairy product as they are very important for us to grow and get stronger.


Literacy: This week we came back to our journals as the kids are getting more ideas and thoughts of what to draw and how to use different colors since they have been working on sketching plans and painting canvases.

“Heart, star and tree” Tang Tang

“Airplane” Alen

Library: Our Library book from this week was about a dog named ‘Biscuit’ who went to the library with his owner to read a book as it was read with your pet day!

“Library at home” Tang Tang

Art: This week we started working on a new canvas as the kids decided to make the same tree we have on the reading corner wall. So, we started by painting the light-yellow background then we moved to painting the tree’s stem and branches and finished up with everyone stamping their hands as a tree leaves.

“We have to wait until it gets dry because if we paint now the color is going to change” Noam

“It’s golden now?” Solomon

Gymnastics: Check us working on our gross motor skill in different ways!

 Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Math

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Art


Our specials

Wednesday- Ethiopian center

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gymnastics

Reminders and notes

  • Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

  • Friday is Art class have your child wear suitable clothes.


Have a nice weekend!


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