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Dear parents,

we had another wonderful week at Little Einstein. only one day left for our art auction please do not miss it, the children also had a look and they choose their favorite art.

friendly reminder!!

Large group

Our large group was fun and exciting. We introduced the children to the new 'Good morning’, ‘shake your hand' and 'stand up sit down' song. Our reading interest is improving a lot. For our circle time they choose three different books 'Puol the pig', 'Chloe the cow' and 'Gawn the goat'.

The children were happy and when we read that the baby calf likes to drink mommy's milk in 'Chloe the Cow'; Yamen, Alafe, Nina, Alex, Gio and Chloe also said, "I drink milk at home". They also enjoyed the ' Gawn the Goat', when they hear about how we need to eat our food to be strong and healthy, they were also saying "I am also strong!". Overall, they loved the books we read.

Small group

Our small group was fun and enjoyable. For this week we repeated the activity from last week for math since the children were very interested.

Another exciting activity of this week was checking on our plants. All the plants are growing. We talked about which plants has grown. After that we take out the weed. As they were picking out, they saw ants and were very interested in what the ants were doing. The children were happy.


For art we scrabbled on the A4 paper. This helps the children to improve their writing skills as well as enhance their critical thinking. When it was time to share what they draw. Alafe was first to answer, "Mommy and Daddy”. Then all the other children said "Mommy and Daddy" except for Chloe who said, "I draw Jimi". It was an enjoyable and lovely time.

Small group

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Language

Friday - Cooperative game

Special days

Art: Tuesday

Library: Wednesday

Work time

Our work time for this week and next week will be,

Car and tracks center

Blocks center

Dramatic center

Sand box


· Every Tuesdays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

· Every Wednesdays is our Library Day, so we will be sending a folder with a book your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.


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