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Dear parents We had a great week. What an Emotional day it was for us today since it was the day of the year. This week was our last week. We celebrated different days such as, different shoes day, school team t-shirt day, pajama day, and book day. On Monday we were celebrating different shoes day. The children and teachers wore different shoes. They were talking about the shoes they wore.

Tuesday was school theme T-shirt day (white, red and blue). All the children and the teacher wore the school theme T-shirt like blue, white, and red in the classroom. We talked about the colors that we wore for that day. On Wednesday was pajama day. The children as well as the teachers wore pajamas to school. It was nice how the children reacted to the pajamas their friends wore.

Thursday was book-reading day. On that day we had a different schedule from other mornings. The children made their own books by collaging different printed fruit. Parents joined us on this day as well. They read books to the class.

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