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Dear parents,

We were quite busy this week in Pre-K and Kindergarten! Our class is getting bigger. We welcomed a new friend called Matteo!

We cannot wait to spend time with all the LE families on FAMILY DAY! We are getting ready to let you all visit the learning journey that we came through and all the amazing work that our little friends have done and the dance show!! PLEASE JOIN US!!


Our large group went well this week! We discussed, made our calendar, feed our Hungry Caterpillar, and practiced our dance show for the FAMILY DAY!


Literacy Monday, our genius friends are developing their reading and writing skills! While we were practicing blending words and reading our sight words, we observed that there is a problem of reading the digraphs (Ch ,Sh ,th ,ug ), we started practicing them.The pre-k friends were cutting out the digraphs separately and sticking them together (C with h, S with h, U with g ,t with h). The other group is the senior group KINDERGARTEN, they practiced reading the digraphs plus did a worksheet find in the digraphs in words.

Mathematics Tuesday, the concept of addition is being mastered by our little ones! After discussing about adding using different classroom materials like blocks, pencils, markers and so on, Both the pre-K and kindergarten class did a worksheet about adding. The pre-k friends’ worksheet was counting dots and adding them where the worksheet for the KG friends was practicing adding numbers (4+5=......) by drawing sticks.

Football Wednesday, the fourth session for our favorite football training was done very well. The children are really improving their football skills! They have identified the rules and how to play smartly!

“I scored a goalllllll”

“Why yellow card for me Biruh?”

“Eliab, kick the ball to me”

“No touching with hands”

“I’m really tired “

“I fell down; it’s hurting”.

Art Thursday, we did Art activity called collage on a big canvas using different

materials like CDs, papers. Collage is a simple craft activity that involves pasting items like different materials onto a sheet of paper. Making a collage helps your child build fine motor skills. It's also a fun way to develop your child's awareness of color and texture. And it would help kids learn about their environment.

Science Friday, the topic gardening has been our main topic for about three weeks. This Friday ,we discussed about parts of plant using the real plant, we found around our school compound. We all went out to see what parts the plants have, all the children were observing the plants and telling us what parts they have.

Anecdotes from here and there!

“This plant has many leaves”

“Look, this one has a big stem”

“I can’t find seed on the plants”

“Where is the root Abeba”

Pre K and Kindergarten Explorations schedule

  • Monday - Literacy

  • Tuesday Mathematics

  • Wednesday –Football training sessions 5

  • Thursday – Journal

  • Friday Science


  • Monday-gymnastics

  • Tuesday-dance training

  • Wednesday- clay crafts

  • Thursday– Art

  • Friday -library


  • Since we’re having Football training, we need to have the professional sport wear so Can you please send the kids with sport wear? Thank you!

Have a nice weekend !

The pre-K and kindergarten team!


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