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We would like to say thank you for the parents who participated in our Art auction

event! It was a great event filled with excitement and laughter. Congrats to all the art auction winners!! The art works that you took are amazing memory for the children!


We are planning to have fun days for the remaining two weeks of school. here are

the days we would like to celebrate with you and our students.

  • June 5: T-shirt Backward Day (Let your child wear a t-shirt but wear it backwards (the other way around.)

  • June 7: Water Day (Hoping for a sunny day we will have a water fun with all our children scheduled in different times of the daily routine, please make sure your child has an extra cloth that day.)

  • June 8: Teachers’ Appreciation Day (A Day to say thank you to your child’s teachers and staff of LE)

  • June 12: Two Different Shoe Day (Let your child choose two different shoes and wear it for that day.)

  • June 13: School Theme T-shirt Day (White, Red, and Blue, these three colors are our school’s theme colors so help your child choose one and let them wear a color of their choose from the three.)

  • June 14: Pajamas Day (Our children can come to school wearing their pajamas.)

  • June 15: Book Day (Open for parents from 8:30am – 12pm! The whole morning schedule will mainly focus on exploring with and reading books, different reading areas will be prepared in different corners of the school compound, please feel free to come when you can and read a book with your child and class in addition you can bring your child’s favorite books to share.)

  • June 16: School Closing Day (Open for parents beginning 10:30) Last day of school will be bittersweet for all of us. We are still planning for this special day so stay tuned for more updates!

Our Large Group!

We are enjoying reading and discussing about our favorite stories in our large group session! Our little friends really love listening to stories and discussing about them! Every morning the children ask us to read their favorite books. Reading and sharing stories can help them get to know sounds, words and language, and develop

early literacy skill and they learn to value books and stories plus it sparks the children’s imagination and stimulate curiosity.

Our Small group activities!

Writing – We are practicing writing the small case letter by categories them as fence, sky and ground. For this week’s writing session, we wrote all the group letters g,j,p,q,y on writing stripe paper.

Measurement – It’s the topic we were discussing and exploring in our math session. We explored measuring height and weight in our previous Mathematics class. This Tuesday, we mixed up both weight and height measurement activities and let the children choose what they want measure.

“I want to measure the height of the pencil using ruler”.

“I choose to measure how much this block weight”.

“I want to use the measuring tape to measure the height of the white board”.

Game time- Our little friends really enjoy sports like football, basketball, gymnastics and so on. After long day of having Football session, we started another sport called rally. First, we made two groups red and blue and then started the game with amazing energy.

Journal – We did journal on Thursday. Our children expressed their thoughts or

imaginations on their journal books. As a teacher, we are excited to see our children improving their writing and Expressing ideas from scribbling to actual drawing and writing!

Science – In continuity of the topic transportation, the children drew their favorite transportation 9means like water, land and air transportation and then explained about it.

Work time

We do Gymnastics, Art and Clay activity in our work time. The children enjoyed the


Exploration for next week

Monday- Literacy (revising the zoo-phonics)

Tuesday- Mathematics (revising numbers)

Wednesday- Obstacle Course

Thursday- Journal

Friday- Science (revising internal and external body parts)

Have a nice weekend!


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