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Dear parents,

Our week was wonderful! We hope your week was nice too! It’s our pleasure to

thank the parents who participate in the international themed family day! Getting

together in such a way has really a big role to build confidence for our adorable


This week in large group

Reading books, singing songs, talking together, and listening to a story titled ‘The

clever rabbit were the activities we explored.

Small group

This week our exploration in our small group, we had Literacy, Mathematics, Music

and Movement, Science.


We were busy identifying beginning letters of words. We make words using the

letters A to Z like apple, bus, cat, dog, elephant, fish and so on. Both Pre-k and

Kindergarten friends were trying to identify the beginning letters and sound out

correctly. The kindergarten children have done a worksheet on writing words and

the Pre-k children were tracing letters.


Since last week measurement was our main topic in our math class. All friends were

measuring things in the class using hands, legs, and yarn. We were practicing

measuring height, things like table, shelf, white board, and books using their hand,

leg, or yarn.

Music and movement

This is one of our favorite classes. This week, we enjoyed our favorite songs and

moves. All friends were choosing their favorite songs and showing their favorite


“I like baby shark”

“My favorite music is Head, shoulder, knees and toes”

“I want to listen to the music ‘Don’t give up’”

“The floor is lava is best”



We discussed and did a worksheet about family in our science class. We were

discussing how our family day was. All friends were excited about the day!

“I like the ice cream”

“You know, I got four Ice-creams”

“I showed all about my class for my mom, dad and aunt”

Work Time

Work time is the time in which we choose different centers like sand box, music,

blocks, and dramatic. All our friends to plan, do and recall in the center they

choose to explore! Most of the Pre-k and Kindergarten friends like to choose the

dramatic and sand box center!

Exploration for next week


Monday – Literacy

Tuesday –Mathematics

Wednesday – Music and movement

Thursday – Journal

Friday – Science









  • The weather is changing so don’t forget to put a hat and sunscreen in your

child’s bag.

  • On our Art days try to send the children with Art friendly clothing. 


  • Don’t forget to return Library folders on your child’s library days.



Have a wonderful weekend!


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