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Weekly Blog for Pre-K and Kindergarten

We spent our week socializing with our younger friends. Playing, having fun, singing songs that makes us warm and learning new topics. The weather seems very freezing, but we cope up it very well by playing, learning, and making some good exercises!

We have a new member in our pre- k and kindergarten class. Yazeed has joined our kindergarten class. Our pre k and kindergarten classes have welcomed our new friend with joy and friendly feeling! We all are glad to have him in our class again!


- We have planned to celebrate Meskel by singing the tradition song of Ethiopia ÁBEBAYHUSH’and making a bonfire on 26th of September so that through out the coming week we are going to practice it together.

- School will be half day on September 26th

- School will be closed on September 27th

- We invite all dear parents to join our celebration of the bonfire (DEMERA) on September 26th at 11:00 o’clock!

Explorations for this week!


Learning new skills requires dedication, hard work and believing in ourselves that we can achieve anything we want if we set our minds to it. We tried to start writing numbers from one to ten. All students were given a work sheet with tracing number unexpectedly all our kids trace it very well! Such kind of activities let the children develop their motor skills and explored learning to write!


We have been practicing our phonics well! We tried to go through all the phonic and have focused on the phonics Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd and Ee using flash cards. Each child has got the chance to hold the flash cards and sound out correctly!

Music and Movement

What a wonderful and lovely time we had in our music class! We were given the activity LISTEN AND MOVE that grasps the interest of all the kids. We were listening to music and move as we were ordered to do. Such kind of musical movement lets the kids identify different kinds of rhythm and consternate and listen for directions!


We have had an exciting time in our journal class! Almost all the kids were engaged in writing their own story.


We explored ways of holding scissors, which was super exciting for the class as it was a little challenging and needed focus! All the kids tried to hold the given scissors properly and cut zigzag or straight. Such kind of activity has its own contribution on strengthening the motor skills of the children!


Our little scientists have explored things that are dissolved or not dissolved in water. All the children were exploring salt, sugar, floor, stone and rice by putting them in to a cup of water and than they can’t wait to tell their teacher what happened in the cup! Astonishingly they have understood it radically!

Tasks to do at home

-A book chosen by the kids is sent to home so that parents are supposed to read with their kid and discuss about it.

- Try to ask your child what activity he/she likes the most at school.

Next week plan

Monday -Literacy

Tuesday - Mathematics

Wednesday – Music and movement

Thursday - Journal and Art

Friday- Science

Our specials



Have a wonderful weekend!

From perk and Kindergarten team!


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