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Costume Party at LE!

Greeting Parents,

What a sweet week we had thanks to our Halloween treats! Hope you all had one too. We celebrated our Costume party as we planned and everyone collected their sweets from their school friends. We also celebrated our friend Joy who turned 6 on Thursday! We will send the pictures on Whatspp.

Our exploration in a Small Group

Bat and Spider: as part of our plan, we started the week by making Bats and Spiders. We first talk about what our spiders and bats should look like, we agreed on to paint our bats black and our spiders black and yellow, it turned out to be a very creative art. We used paper plates, scissors, and different papers to create beautiful Bats and Spiders.

Jumping on Zoo-Phonics: since children love to paly and explore things by touching to understand and create their own conclusion. That is the reason why we always try to blend playing in our activities. This week for our literacy session, we went back to revise our Zoo-Phonics sound with a game we called, “Jump on the Zoo-Phonics”. The game is, when we sound the letter for them, they will go and jump on the letter. That’s what we called ‘Two birds with one stone’

Pumpkin: This year we did not want to buy a pumpkin, we plan on making it on our own and we did! We first cut out papers and find out it will be small, we then glued two lines of papers together and that made our pumpkin look really great.

Decoration Bats, Spiders and Pumpkin: after we finished making the decorations, it was the final touch by putting the eyes, the fangs and the smiley mouth to it.

Celebration of Halloween: everyone came with their best costume on to celebrate,

Eliab — Captain Hook Finnegan – Bella

Sachi – Princess and a Fairy Deborah – Princess and Unicorn

Zeno – Scary Pumpkin Joy – The good Pennywise

Yanet – Princess Elsa Miraf – Gandalf the Grey

Elsa – Fall the season Liliy – The good witch

Pictures of this week


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