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Dancing ballerinas in preschool

Friday 4th December 2020

Dear parents,

Our week has been an exhibit of talent and has a big impact on teachers’ life as beautiful children, who love to play and make your day as childish as you can imagine, surround us. I was drifted away when I saw two of my group friends dancing as ballerinas at the dramatic center. I was too close to join them but I got the feeling that might kick me out of the group!

This week’s large group

Pattern was our large group activity this week. We had fun on finding patterns on each others’ clothes. Making a pattern of mummy and baby bears was our main board activity too.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game: since our science lesson is about sense of sight, I plan to relate the game ‘treasure hunt’ with it. At first we all explored the musical instruments and become familiar both with their names and the sounds they play. Then the teacher hid some musical instruments and gave descriptive clues by the time a child gets closer to a treasure.


Literacy: In our literacy session, we have continued our previous lesson and kept exploring the characteristics of letter ‘A’. Children mimicked the teacher pronouncing the alphabet name of letter ‘A’; trying to describe the shape of it, stretching their hands and legs open wide. Then they all got turns to sort out 3D shape of letter ‘A’ from a bowl of different 3D letters.


Library: We have started our lesson, discussing the rules on how to handle books while reading. Then explored through different books of their choices and tried to describe what the story is about, based on the illustrated pictures.

Special Day

Art: Even this week we keep working on our book ‘All about me’ and drew ourselves with the tips of our finger prints. We have used different paints to represent our body parts. Eliab chose his paint and said, “I want pink” while printing Emily said, look at my legs!” Thinking not to waist the leftovers; we also made a hand print of Ali Alligator, which we decide to proceed with the eyes in our next session. When the teacher asked, “what sound does Ali Alligator make?” Aylin replied happily, “ aeee!” lifting her paint up in the air.


Science: realizing that most of our group members are quite observants and love exploring things around, I decided to work on an activity that involves their sense of sight. We have used pop-stickles, a ring, sticky stuff and a pencil. First we stick the sticky stuff on the top of the pop-stickles and the ring on the top of it. Limsa cheered, “Weee!” showing her………. Then acting like magicians, they all spin their pretend magic wands to let it pass through their rings. In the second try, they all battled to use one eye and were giggling. Eliab folded his one eye with one hand and said, “Adiam look!” Aylin also blinked both of her eyes and tried to let her pretend wand pass through the ring.


Math: progressing on patterns, we have used both beads and colorful counting animals and all had turns to come up with our own pattern of colors.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Special day: Art

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Quick reminder

We have an exciting event coming your way, it's called family day! Yes, we are looking forward to seeing you all on December 12, 2020. The event is not only family day, but it also includes Art exhibition where you will have the chance to see and own beautiful Arts if you bring extra cash!

Princess Aylin and her frozen magic!

The Olympians

Thank you,

Have a nice weekend



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