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Early Pre K

Dear Parents,

Here is our last week in January blog! Check our activities for this week as we see everyone improving in the different aspects of their learning journey. 

Large group: In our large group this week we learned about the number ten ‘10’ and the oval shape. For the morning message we sorted some big and small circle and the next day we used the same circles to create a ‘Big, small, big, small’ pattern.

Math: We continued with our measurement concept though this week we learned about short and tall things. We started by going to the grass area and picking some tree branches and brought them back to class room, then we started comparing their length which one is tall and which one is short.  


Maker space: A maker space center is a place where kids get to improve skills such as problem solving and fine motor skill also a place to get creative as they see their plans transformed from just a thought into a 2D drawing and a 3d model. This week our class was very happy sketching their plans on a white paper!

“I want to make a rectangle” Noam

“Bear” Tang Tang

Science: we ended up our animals’ theme by making a sorting game. The flash cards were flipped and put on the floor and each kid got a chance to pick a card and see which animal it’s then put it with one of the four groups ‘Zoo animals, farm animals, birds, sea animals ‘.

“Penguin is not big?” Alen

“I like flamingo” Leul

“Chicken” Hongyu

Literacy: This week in the literacy session our class enjoys drawing and coloring on their Journals!

“Sister” Solomon

‘This is the beach and this is the sand’ Julia

Library: Look at us enjoying our library time!

Art: Today we worked on our first canvas by putting some glue and white paint. 

 Our schedule for next week:

Monday- Math

Tuesday- cooperative game

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Art


Our specials

Wednesday- Ethiopian center

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gymnastics


Reminders and notes

·      As it gets sunny after snack, please send a sunscreen and a hat for your child.

·      Thursday is our library class remember to send the library folder and book.

·      Friday is Art class, have your child wear suitable clothes.


Have a great weekend!




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