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Early Preschool

Saturday 24th April 2021

Dear parents,

Welcome to another adventurous journey and we are most delighted to welcome each one of you to this group. Two weeks have passed with these incredible little explorers and truly blessed to dive in and witness their imaginations. As we have mentioned previously in our new what’s up group, these Little Einsteins are moved from the Toddlers group into the Early preschool; observing their age and maturity level which is their developmental skill. Thus, we have decided to make a room of intimacy into each other’s heart and get to know each one of our interests, point of view, approaches of learning as well as social anticipations.

Keeping this in mind, our large group has been a ground of variety resources, where the little adventurers can freely exploit and lead us into their individual imaginary Worlds. Surprisingly, it has been a fortunate journey where we all experienced a smooth intimate relationship among each other and puts the detachment at ease. Our large group has also been the celebration of singing different songs and a start of introduction to our weather elements. After singing the good morning and other familiar songs, we describe that day’s weather through the weather song and display the element on our weather chart.

Watering our plants was also part of our large group activity.

These two weeks small group


Cooperative game/ Music and movement: Since games nurture children’s physical and cognitive development and help them learn to think creatively, we decided to play Musical chair. First we put some chairs at the center and once the music plays we all run around them and find a seat each time the music stops. The one who remains unseated will step aside and waits to get a turn in the next round

Work time

Library: We explored through different books and took home the books of our choices.


Literacy: As children manipulate letters, they gain knowledge about the letters they interact with. Considering this, we have explored them through different approaches.

In the first week: we go for fishing! Using different spoons, we manage to fish letters our of a water box and collected them in a separate plate. Each time a child fish out, we the teachers call out the letter name and ask them to count how many letters they fish. Consequently, we have practiced our fine motor skills like: eye-hand coordination when we put effort grab a letter or letters using a spoon and workout on our balance while we carry them towards the plate. More over we practiced counting and this encouraged us to start counting in our Math session.

In the second week: we had letter printing. Each child got a chance to print some of the letters on play dough.



Week one: since they have started practicing big and small sizes in their Toddler group, we decided to uplift them to next level and encouraged each child to sort out different materials according their size. Some needed initiation, but some took first initiation. All the kids were curiously on to it.

Week Two: We have practiced counting numbers using different materials.


Special day Art: Inspired by our seniors the Pre k and Kindergartens, we came up with an idea that can indulge our exploitive mind and satisfy our adoration of being messy; we have put our idea of the environment. First we painted our canvass with a base with the mixture of white paint and glue using sponge. Then we mixed mud and painted it on a canvass to represent our view of the environment.



Week One: If you remember, we were on the process of growing a seed into a plant in our Toddlers group, thus in this week we were busy of planting those seeds.

Week Two: Since it was our first experience to visit the Hospital center, we couldn’t get enough of exploiting and examining the medical instruments, thus had fun of being medical detectors.

Pictures of the past two weeks

Abigail "OHH! My heart is beeping!"

Yannis "Archer! It's clean up time."

Archer "I know. I'll clean up by myself."

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game/ Music and movement

Work time: Library

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Math


Special day: Art

Friday: Science

Quick Reminder

· Please send your child with Art favored/old clothes on Thursdays.

· Make sure to book your suitable day and time for the parent teacher conference with Eyassu.

Thank you,

Have a nice weekend

Adiam and Martha


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