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Early Preschoolers Weekly Blog!

Greetings Dear Parents,

Happy Holidays! We had a great week, hoping you had a productive one too!

Tomorrow Friday, April 21,2023 school will be closed for the celebration of Eid al-Fitr.

Our Large Group.

We had new zoo animals join us for our circle time each day. We explored with the zoo phonics letters h, I, j, and k, we also went back to the previous ones to recall. We all had a nice time meeting them! Our number for this week was 7. Our explorations with the weather and days of the week had also continued. We worked on our patterns on the board every other day. The book of this week was ‘I wonder who…. Peek A boo’.

Our Small Group

Music, Math's, Literacy, Science

Musical Mondays: Explorations with musical instruments continued, we started working on beats and rhythms. How we can hear different beats, how we can follow the musical patterns.

Mathematical Tuesdays: We worked on our shapes, we had four selected shapes, Rectangle, Circle, Triangle and Square. We are helping them to differentiate well between square and Rectangle as they both can be tricky to identify them easily. We explore with all the shapes first then discussed specifically on the square and rectangle. We explained that square has 4 equal sides and that Rectangle has 2 equal sides and the other 2 are also equal. After that we mixed all shapes in one box they started sorting out each shapes accordingly.

Literacy Wednesdays: Our exploration with zoo phonics had continued. Zoo phonics is fun, exciting, fast and effective. We are able to review the letter sounds each and every day as we move, dance, and sing the hand motions also helps us to remember the letter sounds, we learn letter sounds before letter names. The alphabets we are exploring are all in small letter. These fun and colorful animal characteristics excites the children and easily catches their attention too. Each time we learn about our letters, we explore the alphabets sequentially and as a whole entity “a-z”. It is not fragmented.

Clay: Our new and favorite work time special is clay time. We truly enjoy all the calmness and the messiness it incorporates. We started off with feeling the texture of the mud first, after few minutes of explorations, we started getting all creative and crafting different shapes. It is such an enjoyable activity!

Science; We also worked on our fine motor and gross motor skills, we had different 3D wooden animals which had holes in them, the activity was to put either yarn or pipe cleaner in the holes. It was a challenging activity for most of us. This kind of activities helps us in understanding cause and effect, problem solving, creativity, attention to details, and also build our fine and gross motor skills.

Our Plans for the next week

Monday - Cooperative Games and Music

Tuesday - Maths

Wednesday - Literacy

Thursday - Science

Friday - Gymnastics


Monday - Clay

Wednesday - Library


  • The weather is changing so do not forget to send a raincoat , boot and hat and sunscreen for your child.

  • On our art days try to send your child with an art appropriate clothing.

  • Do not forget to return Library Folders on your Childs Library day.

Once again we would like to wish you Happy Holidays!!!


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