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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents, we are glad that you made it to our art auction and we are very grateful for that.

We had an amazing week with our children.

In our large group sessions we did attendance, we sang our good morning song and we had our children’s favorite song which was ‘peek boo’, ‘finger family’ song, and ‘baby shark’ for this week.

Our small group was fun and exciting as it always has been.

Music and movement; for our music and movement first we sang sitting down song like miss Polly had a dolly, hands go up and down, and Alibaba go to farm, then the children wanted to stand and dance, then they chose freeze song, I like to move it move it and head shoulder knees and toes, the children were very interested and engaged, they were also following the directions of the music.

Math; for our math activity we had an AB pattern with color. The colors that we explored with were blue and green. The materials that we had were green bear, blue bear, green paper and blue paper. First we explained to them what pattern is, then we let them explore with the materials we prepared, some of our children did the pattern according to the colors we put for them and some of them sorted the colorful bear based on the colors they have and matched it with the paper but they didn’t use patterns however we had fun doing it! Children were very much so engaged with the activity.

Library; in our library class, we went to the library and we read different kinds of books like Brown bear brown bear what do you see and bedtime Ted, they also chose their favorite and sat next to their friends and enjoyed their time turning the pages and reading books.

Next Week

Monday – Music

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Language

Friday- Art

Our specials

Thursday – Library

Friday - Art




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