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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

The past two weeks have been quite eventful!

We would like to officially welcome Hannah back to the Infants and Toddlers group from her maternity leave. Welcome back Hannah!

Small Group

The past two weeks for small group we had Music, Art, Exploring with different Sizes, Gardening and Games.

The children had an amazing time while doing our Gardening activity. The first week of gardening we had a chance to see how much the beans we had planted in cottoned cubs had grown. And we also had a chance to plant some more beans so that we can send them home with the children once they start sprouting some roots.

And on the second week we collected some mud from our garden in clear box so that the children can plant the beans that had grown. We started the activity by taking the beans in our classroom to the garden. Then we talked about how we were going to plant the beans in the mud.

Following that we took the beans out from the cup and started separating the roots from the cotton. Once we were done with separating the roots from cotton, we got some cups and started feeling them with dry mud; the children liked using shovels to add mud into the cup. After that we added a little bit of water so that the mud can be a little moist, so that it can be easier to make small hole to plant the bean. When we were done digging a hole, we planted the beans, and we took the cups back to our room so that we can water and see the changes of our beans.

Another fun activity we had was Games. The games we played this week was Filling and Dumping. The materials we prepared for this activity was a couple of empty water bottles, a bucket filled with water and a cup for each child. The children enjoyed getting water from the bucket using their cup, and slowly walking towards the empty water bottles to fill them up. The children were extra careful when they walked to the bottles so that they do not spill the water. And they took their time pouring the water from their cup to the bottle.

And for Art we had a fun activity called Car Tracks. The children were really focused while making this artwork. They dipped the cars they had into the paint and they started driving the on a big white canvas, while the car tires made a beautiful mark on the canvas.

Another art activity the Infants had was called self Portrait. For this activity we had the children paint a canvas with different colors, which were Yellow, Orange, Blue, Green and Purple. After painting those colors on the canvas, they painted those colors on pieces of cartoon, one color on a single piece cartoon. When the paint had dried up on the cardboards they made their own faces using small pieces of paper, straw, sticks and buttons.

Infants and Toddlers plan for the next two weeks.


Tuesday-Exploring with Numbers

Wednesday-Mad Science

Thursday-Cooperative Game


Have a nice weekend!

Infants and Toddlers Team!


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