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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

What an awesome week, even though the weather keeps on changing we still had lots of fun.

We hope some of you received our invitation for our annual art auction to be held on the Saturday 15th of May. Because our students come on different days, if you did not receive your invitation today then we will send a printout on Monday and Tuesday. We hope that all of you will join for this special event.

Reminder- School will be closed for the celebration of Eid either on Thursday May 13th or Friday May 14th.

Small group explorations

The past weeks we had; Shape Puzzle, Mud Science, Music and Art.

For Mud science the children had fun time exploring with shaving cream. For this activity we went into our light box room. After that the children stood around the light box patiently waiting for their caregiver to put some shaving cream in front of them. After that the children started to run their hands through the cream after a little while we added some food colouring on the cream, and they started to mix it. The children enjoyed getting messy and looking at the colours they created.

Another fun activity that the children enjoyed and was working together with was Shape Puzzle. The materials we prepared for this activity were different shaped and sized soft blocks and a tracing of them on them on a big white paper.

We stuck the big white paper on the floor of our classroom in the middle of our circle. Then the children chose a shape they wanted and tried to find similar shapes on the big white paper. The children had a wonderful time helping each other match the shapes.

Plans for the nest two week.

Monday- Music

Tuesday- Counting

Wednesday- Cooperative Games

Thursday- Gardening



· We would like to ask you to send the children with boots and raincoats as the weather keeps on changing.

· The library day for the Infants group is on Thursday and the for the toddlers is Monday.


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