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Kindergarten and Pre-k News and Note

Greeting Parents,

Our groups are very interested in dinosaurs and last Friday we found a dinosaur egg, don’t worry it was not a T-Rex we make sure of that! We had to put the egg in water so it can hatch, and the children were taking care of it like a little pet, they even come up with a lot of name for it, but we couldn’t settle with one yet.

Large group this week

Very small things can inspire children to more and big ideas. This week Ezana brought a book called ‘Lets it snow’ and it made the children open a conversation about snow and their experience. It didn’t stop them there, we get to talk about different places in the world and weather, we have started an activity about the habitat in afternoon class with afternoon children, and we talked about Desert, Forest, Snow, and Grassland. We would like to say thank you Ezana for bringing us the book this week. We hope we will be able to get more books next Wednesday. We have continued making more progress with the sounds of letters as we tried to come up with beginning and ending sounds of everyone’s name at school. Our caterpillar has grown to 33 now! Everyone has a chance to count and add one number every day.

Small group this week

Journal Monday: the journal is one of the essential areas in our curriculum. It is an activity that plays many roles in children's lives, it is not only about children drawing what they like but it also helps them to become, confident as they share what they draw, develop their communication skill, develop their writing skill, creativity, and imagination development. This week our group took their time to make an amazing drawing with a lot of imagination, creativity, and details in their story.

Obstacle course: this week as requested, our group played obstacle courses. We changed the materials, we used tires to jump and out of them, a mat to roll on it, musical dots to jump with one and two feet on, then they finally had a bike race. Obstacle course touches many areas in children's physical development. It is very important to expose children to combined physical activities to help them develop those skills.

Family tree: the day you all have been waiting for is finally here; yes, we are talking about the family tree! They finally get to hang what they have made, and it looked like an actual tree as they say. The last step is to hang pictures of their families and that is an assignment for you all to send it starting from Monday. We appreciate it in advance.

Take away and shapes: the kindergarteners took the lead on our subtraction class; we call out numbers and they wrote the numbers by themselves and come up with the solution. We are still exploring with a single digit. The pre-k explored shapes, we talked about what shape is and what makes a shape, how we can make a shape, types of shapes and they have counted sides of a shape. It was such a good exposure as they come up with a plan to make their own shape using scissors.

Pictures of the week.


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