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Last weeks News and Note of Pre-k and Kindergarten

Greeting parents,

It's good to have you all back! We hope you all had a great holiday. Our break was very productive, as we took different training on child development; it was an excellent experience for us.

This week’s large group

During the break, we rearrange the classrooms. We had the expectation we were looking for from the children as they walked in. Our little curious groups didn’t need an explanation to figure out the classroom set up that saved us time to play more songs! Since we had fewer groups, we started the second semester with fewer activities and relaxing in our large group. We have introduced them to the sight word corner, where we would be doing more starting next week.

This week’s small group

Matching: in our small group, we get down to business right away and start our literacy with matching letters. Since our primary focus is on letter recognition and sounds, we tried to blend both concepts by matching the upper case with the lower case; as they match, they make the sounds and come up with words that start with the letter they have in hand.

Bike wash: little Einsteins are very responsible for their playing materials, and that is something we want them to understand not only here but also throughout their lives. Our groups will be 100% on board if we can find any possible way to make every activity water-related! This week, our groups tried to give their love to the school bikes by giving them the wash of the week! They were very engaged and had a lot of fun washing.

Family time: We plan to make a family tree for the second semester, as it is part of our “All about Me” theme. We stared at the plan this week by talking about what family is, how many people live in our families. We gave them paper and a pencil to draw their family members. Then all of them got the chance to introduce what they drew to the class; we get to meet you all on paper!

Our special

Art: College is part of Art where children find it very enjoyable. It has many advantages that can enable children to gain different skills. It will help them on their creativity, fine motor skill, as they pick and stick different small materials, math as they can count how many beads they want to stick, different cut shape, communication skill, as they explain what kind of materials they used, what the story behind the Art they made, and more. After we talked about what college is, they have made a beautiful piece of Art.

Work time centers

Ethiopia center: one of the exciting centers little Einsteins enjoy is the Ethiopia center. We are getting ready to continue that excitement this semester. We took the children, some who know the center before and those who are new, and made plans to add and what we can do in the center. It will be a good center for them to learn many things about Ethiopia, the language, culture, food, and so much more. It would be great if you can have some time to have a conversation about what you know about Ethiopia with your child.

Hospital center: Most pre-k and kindergarten groups were very interested in doctors, especially giving teachers shots! We took that idea of theirs and created this center. It will be a big project for them to explore more on science activities.

Some pictures from last week.

You are in good hands with these Doctors!

The book worms!

The hard workers!


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