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Our First Blog!

Greetings Dear Parents,

What a wonderful week we had!! Even though it was a rainy and cold weather it did not stop us from having a good time with our friends outside.

What did we do this week?

We started our days by going to our large group room and having a couple of minutes of free choice time after we clean up our toys and then got to choose and sat on our pillows and got ready to start our large group. To get warmed up and gather all of the attention we sang song then after we started asking them about their morning (Did they brush their teeth, what they had for breakfast, who they came to school with……)after that we did attendance and we sing good morning songs and said ‘Hello’ to our friends, we let the children choose two or three songs that they would like to sing, the most popular choices were Baby Shark, Up and Down, If you are happy and you know it.

After singing our songs we took some time talking about the Days of the Week, what day it is and what kind of weather we have on that day. After we finished talking about what type of weather we had. We read this week’s large group Book called ‘Say Please, Little Bear’.

Our small group activity for this week were Cooperative Games, Literacy, Science, Math, and Library.

During our Cooperative game’s day, we talked about the playground rules. Specifically, the traffic system we have for riding the bikes and the scooters. It was to remind them about the rules and teach our new friends the rules. We went outside and showed them how they ride their bikes, how to ride their scooters and always to put their helmets on before riding the scooter and how to follow the arrows then the roundabout and so on.

And for Literacy this week we started exploring with our Zoo-Phonics friends, for this week we started by introducing the first Five letters A, B, C, D and E. we talked about what their names are, what kind of sounds they make and what kind of action they do as they make the sound.

For Science this week we talked about our sense organs, for this week we chose to talk about “Hearing”. During this activity we heard different sound of animals, and we asked the children which animal was making the sound and asked them where they live and so. The children were excited to hear and differentiate between the sounds their ears were hearing. They all raise their hands and told us what they have heard.

For our Math activity we had a fun time counting with different materials. During this activity we divided the class into two groups. We started our activity by talking about how we can use many different materials, objects, and toys to count. After that the children chose the material, they want to count with. Their choice was a colorful material. They were so excited to count!

During our Library small group exploration, we talked about what a library is what we find in it, that we find books in library we take good care of our books while reading that we don’t tear pages, no scribbling, no licking, and to ask nicely if they want to borrow the book.

What are our activities for next week?

Monday - Cooperative games

Tuesday - Literacy

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Math

Friday - Library

Our Specials

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday - Art


  • On our Art Day send the children with an art friendly clothing as our activities gets messy!

  • Every Fridays it's our Library Day. So please don't forget to return your child's library folder.

  • For the rainy/cold weather please send a rainy coat or jacket to keep your child warm!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


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