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Our first bi-weekly blog

Greetings Dear parents,

This week has been an active week for our class. Our class did an amazing joy settling in and understanding routines. This week we welcomed a new friend to our group, Khalid! We are happy to say that everyone is working on making our new friend feel welcomed.

Part of understanding the daily routine and expectation was learning our traffic rules for bikes and scooter at recess and free choice time, we must admit that it was interesting to see how our children understood how to follow the rules, how to follow the arrows, when to give a turn for a friend, how to go by the roundabout and so on! They did a great job!

Our Large group (circle time) this is a time for us to settle in, organize and plan our day! large group is our favorite time as we sing different songs, work on our attendance, read books, work on by-weekly selected sign languages and finger plays. Our class likes this time of the day as it calmly gets them ready for the rest of the day.

Our small group (Exploration time) small groups are a specific activity that the children explore with throughout the week, we work on different learning areas, like Math, Science, Art, Library, Language and Literacy, and Music and Movement.

We had an exciting time in these two weeks with learning how to share learning materials and toys with our friends. Understanding routines and transitions such as, what our daily routine is like when it's clean up time, when its snack time and when its work time.

Beginning next week, we will be focused on specific activity for each day in each learning areas, activities will be different for each child as they all have a different developmental stage or sometimes, we will have to divide the class in to groups for such activities. Planning for activities is by weekly as our class needs time to explore with the planned activity for more than one week.

Here is our plan for next week,

Large group

Song; hello, head shoulder knees and toes and baby shark song

Book; our large group called “all about me “ and “brown bear brown bear what do you see“.

Finger play; one two one two I have two eye’s so do you, and one two buckle my shoes.

Sign language; pleas, thank you, sorry, more, finish, okay and share

Small group

Monday – Music

Tuesday – Math (sorting colors)

Wednesday – Science (Feeling texture)

Thursday – Language

Friday-cooperative game

Specials days

Art: Tuesday

Library: Wednesday

Work time

Our work time for this week and next week will be

Car and tracks center

Blocks center

Dramatic center


· Every Tuesdays, we have Art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

· Every Wednesdays is our Library day, so we will be sending a folder with a book your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.


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