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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

It has been a very fun and productive week. We hope your week was amazing too!!

Our large group session was filled with lots of fun. We did our calendar every day, our caterpillar’s tail is growing, we keep dancing and singing, we are working on sight words and our handwriting is refining.

Our small group sessions…

Ending sounds are what we did on our literacy session on Monday. We remind our friends about the ending sounds of words and how to read. After that we had fun time working on a worksheet about ending words. We are happy they are learning fast, and we are proud they get the concept well!!

Tuesday was another day of fun with science, and we proceed making paper!! we went to see what happen to the soaked paper and we found out that it was not really wet and smashed to make the papers. So, we problem solved and put the wet paper in a water bottle with a warm water and we shake it very well. We put food color inside, and it was smashed good. We gave a tray for everyone to put their smashed paper out and we gave them sponge and fabric to take the water out. We are putting it out to dry and we can not wait to see how it turns out!!

For art session, we did an amazing artwork using CDs and yarns. We start our art by putting different colors of yarn into the CD. We talked about the shape and color of the CD and yarns with our friends. As a result, we find very colorful CDs and we stick it on a canvas in a very beautiful way. We can’t wait to show you our final piece for our art auction!!!

Wednesday was all about money! In our social studies session, we continued discussing about money, coins. We had many coins in a little purple bag and they were very fast to tell us its coins when we shake it. We discussed about the shape, the color, the sound it makes and so much more with the coins. We gave two Ethiopian 1 birr coins for each to explore and tell us what they see, and they were excited to touch it, to feel it and to see it firsthand!!

Thursday was math and we did addition and subtraction with our very colorful miniature toys. We gave our friends addition, subtraction and equals to sign and ask them to use it in the game we were playing. we use the miniature toys to teach the concept of adding and subtracting. It was fun and very productive!!

Friday was real fun. We had music and movement inside a trampoline. We play the “Freeze” game in it and they were very strong to stand still in the trampoline when the song stops. We can see their motor development is so good!!

Our weekly plan

Monday – Literacy

Tuesday – Science

Wednesday – Social science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Cooperative game and activities

Our specials

Tuesday – Art

Friday – Library

Quick reminder

  • Please remember to send the library folders on Friday.


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