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Pre K and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We are very excited to be back in school with our little friends. We have been busy working on the school beautification project for the past couple of weeks and we are so excited for family day as we will finish off our project on April 2nd!

We also would like to officially welcome our new friend Tanishq to our group!

Here is what we have been working on for the past two weeks of time…

What did we do in our large group?

Reading time: As reading is part of our large group activity, we had a good time with our books in the morning. Observing our friends read and enjoy the pictures is so heartwarming.

Calendar: March is becoming the favorite month for our little friends; they tell us about the month without even our help. As usual, we did our calendar and that include the month, date, day, and year.

Caterpillar: 131 happy and joyful days in the school!! It has been pleasant, and we are sure the coming days will be even more exciting. Our hungry caterpillar grows so fast it has 131 tails so far.

Music and Movement: We keep learning new moves every day from our friends with the songs like “The Freeze song”, “Waka Waka”, “I like to move it: move it” and so many songs. Our strong and fit friends dance sitting and standing with crazy moves we love to see!!

Sight words: we had new sight words for the last two weeks in our Message board corner. Up, they, them and did were our sight words our friends know, understand, and remember so well. Since we are very sure that they know it, we will have new sight words for next week.

What did we do in our small group sessions? ...

On the first Monday, since our little friends were back from one week break, we thought it would be great to discuss how they spend their time and then we did worksheet for very short time on beginning sounds of words. We are very happy to see our friends remember and do the activity after one week break in between. The next Monday we did ending sound worksheet.

For two Tuesdays we experiment smelling and listening using our sense organs. It was so much fun as we explore in our garden smelling leaf’s and flowers and in our classroom listening animal sounds and musical instruments. The activities are the extension of our last two weeks activity, which was experimenting with our test and touch. Our little friends were telling us which orders and sounds they like and which orders and sounds they don’t like during our exploration time. At the end, our friends had fun feeding the rabbits to fed with the leaf they experimented on. It was fun!

For Art, we collect cans and give it to our friends to paint it with different bright colors of their wish. Our plan is to plant a flower and have it in our classroom as part of our school beautification. We are sure it will make our classroom brighter and beautiful.

In our Wednesday social science sessions, for the first week, we extend the topic we started weeks ago which is emotion. We had a fun activity of matching. We had four children face showing different emotions like happy, sad, excited, and angry with four blank spaces in front of each picture. We also print out four animated emoji with four feelings listed above. The activity was to match the feelings of children in actual human face with the emoji feeling. Everybody did it with passion and excitement. Since we were sure of our friends understanding of the concept, we start a new topic transportation. We start our discussion with a new song of transportation and keep discussing about the things we used for transport and so much more. We are very proud of our friends on how they know everything about transportation.

In our Math session, we find the missing numbers with worksheet. We gave consecutive numbers for our children with missing numbers in between two numbers like 6_____8 and our little friends will fill out the missing number in-between, which is 7. The worksheet covers from 3 to 30 and our little friends were very fast to finish it all. This week, we play a math game to help them for the skill of addition. We let them draw shapes, add them, and put answers in the space provided. This was for our Kindergarten friends and for our pre K friends we had number identification activity. It was so active and fun!

Friday was so much exciting and productive since we go out and plant flowers in the garden area outside of school as part of our school beautification. Our little friends amazed us on how they touch and handle the soil, the flowers, and the water in the process of planting. For this week, we had music and movement with two selected music. Our little friends show us moves that we will never forget, and we find out they can sing too!!!

Have a nice weekend!


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