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Pre-k and Kindergaten this week.

Greeting parents,

We hope you all had fun week like us. We have been busy with our centers, recesses games and classroom activities.

Large group this week

One of the happiest things a teachers could have is to see the children we teach being happy, to see progress through out their life and also when they love one another. We are truly blessed to be the witness in their journey. As we have tried to mention on our last blog, we explore with many corners during large group and this week we come up with a plan to make only four things per day. The Pre-k took over the ‘I can sound’ corner as they tried to sound out CVC words like ‘bug, dog, cat, and bat “the kindergarten helped with the middle sounds. Our caterpillar has grown to number 20.

Small group

The puppetries: Monday has been a busy day for us, we divided the groups during

large group time to introduce the kindergarten to writing, and we started to the basic steps. We talked about which one is their left and right hands, how to wave from left to right, how to pick pencils on their left and right hands and more. After that, they traced a letter and studied the moves. The main event was puppet show, which was super fun. Elsa has started with short and funny story, which made everyone laughed. Since we didn’t have time to let everyone share their story, we postponed the activities to the next days during large group. We also have a video of their story, which we will be sending out, with the other video that is about family.

Balloon vs. Me: Cooperative game for this week was tossing a balloon in the air and put balls in a tub before the balloon touch the ground. Competing with a balloon was challenging we must say! One friend suggested that we should make the balloon bigger because the balloon was actually small, now that what we call a brilliant idea!

Grandparents: Our family tree project is coming to an end as we had our last session about grandparents. But it will be a topic for a while, as we will be making family tree starting next week.

Beads and Patterns: We continued our session about patterns and additions for Pre-k and kindergartens. The pre-k added one more to their pattern, which is ABC, some of them tried to make unique patterns like AABAABAAB and it got the others to try with their teachers help. The kindergartens used beads to add numbers in their worksheets; Ezana used mental addition to work on his worksheet, Alia and Yamlak asked him how he did it, he showed them by working on his worksheet! since they are very interested in knowing how to do “Like Ezana” we will be doing some questions during board time in a large group next week.

Special day

Art: last week we talked about different colors we see around the world and they painted using four colors. but this week we added different colors by mixing colors and continued making inspirational paintings.

Special centers

We have started executing our plans about Hospital and Ethiopia centers. They have been very busy.

Hospital center: after coming up with different ideas they wanted to do in the Hospital center, they choose Ambulance to be the first big project to make. They are going strong and putting more ideas to the center.

Ethiopia center: just like the Hospital center, we are starting big on this one too. After laying down all the plans we have, they choose to make a Hut for Ethiopia center. Until we get all the materials we want to make the Hut with, our backup plan was to paint Ethiopian flag, they only thing left to do is to make the star in the middle of the flag.

Special request

Some of our friends from kindergarten brought books from home and shred with their friends in class. Everyone was very excited about the book as one friend read the book for the whole class. Based on this experience, we plan to take one day per a week, to let the whole group to bring books from home and share it during large group time. Therefore dear parents, we would like to ask if you could help us with our plan by sending one book with your child every Wednesday to share with their friends, it will be send back at that day. If you all agree please send your answer via Whatsapp. Thank you.

This week in pictures.


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