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PreK and Kindergarten

Dear parents,

We hope everything is great at your end.

As always, we had amazing week with our little friends and watch them grow and learn so fast. Since our school was closed on Wednesday to celebrate the victory of Adwa, we only had four memorable days with friends.

School is closed Next Week for spring break; See you all after the break!

In our large group …

Reading time: every morning the first thing we do is read. We are proud to see our little friends trying to read by sounding out and blending the letters each day. It is a window for us to observe our little friend’s motivation and engagement to read books and nothing makes us happier than that…

Calendar: this week, we said goodbye to February and happily welcome March. As always, we did our calendar everyday and counted the month, date, day, and year.

Caterpillar: our hungry and very long caterpillar has 121 tails all done by our little friends. We promise you it has been very memorable, productive, and fun 121 days so far.

Music and Movement: as per the interest of our little friends, Waka Waka is back. In addition to the fun new moves our friends teach us everyday, singing is part of our music and movement segment.

Sight words: we are 101% confident to say our friends know the words ‘Down, Find, Get and to’ if they see it anywhere any time. That is why we are going to change the sight words and come up with the new ones for next week.

In our small group …

On Monday we had fun activity were our little friends practice reading three letter words. Each of our little friends has four words stick on the board and get a point for trying to read it. Yes! Trying has a point. It was very exciting to see our friends read all the words and get full points. Our PreK friends also play with all of us with a little bit of change in the content they read. Instead of three letter words, we ask them to sound out the letters and tell us the names. It turns out that all our friends deserve a sticker in their mini book and that is exactly what they got!

Tuesday was fun since it was a day to experiment. Extending last week’s activity, for this week we try to differentiate textures using our hands and skin. We had sand, powder, cotton and buttons to touch and see the different textures and feelings they give us. Our friends were very expressive to tell us what they feel.

As we communicate that March is our school beautification month, our Tuesday art session is well spending by painting our garden’s blocks. We paint orange, red, blue and brown in a very beautiful way. Our gardening area looks brighter and colorful.

On Thursday, we had math. We wanted to work on the concepts of before and after, but we want it to be a bit easier. The activity is for our little friends to tell us the missing number between numbers. Our friends were fast and excited to stick the number between in the space provided on the board.

Our Friday was fun since it is cooperative game session where we all build strong connection, trust and friendship to each other more than ever.


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