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Friday 5th March 2021

Dear parents,

We are sure that you have been eager to receive this week’s blog, well here it is on time. Enjoy!

This week’s large group

As we have mentioned last week, we have been working on our number book and we were practicing on activities that enhance our skills. When we first receive or see the numeral, we echo the number, cut it out with scissors and stick it on a coloured hard paper, then trace it with a marker; so that we can improve our eye-hand coordination and have the dexterity as well as spatial awareness of the number. After completing tracing the number, we match it with an equal number of objects of our choice. We have used different materials at different times. There were days that we used fingerprints and part of plants rather than buttons and beads.

In other hand, we encouraged them to exercise how to be respectful to each other, to friends and family as part of our large group discussion. Believing in being respectful is the key of learning new experiences in the rest of their lives, we Little Einsteins always remind them to be aware of all the things around them for everything has a keen purpose to our life.

This week’s small group


Cooperative game: This time we have navigated through three different plays. After we had a talk, we agreed that each one of us to choose the materials of our play. We all had turns to explain the instruction of our game and collaborated among each other. Limsa chose the number jigsaw and Aylin wanted to play with the toy animals and Adiam chose the colour game. Each time Adiam calls a colour, we all move to find things of the same colour.


A visit to the Kindergartens:

Since it is natural for students to look and learn for new ideas in a wider exposure, we have visited the Kindergartens and had a quality time, sharing some facts of different shapes. We have discussed the features of some shapes and discovered that there are other fat (dense) shapes, where they can let things be put in the space they have inside ( have space inside). We were so inspired by the fact that there are some other shapes that look like squares, rectangles and circles, but are too different to be called such. While we were looking for shapes in the classroom’s surrounding, Eliab brought a box and told, “ This looks like square.” To a cube shaped box. Aylin described, “ It’s wide” to a cuboid shaped container.

We have also talked about foods that nurture our health specially fruits. Chocolate was brought to the table, however as tempting as it sounds; we suggested chocolate to be once in a blue moon treat.


Math: Before we start printing the numbers, we had a short number guessing game. Each time a number is hid, we guess which number it is. Soon after we proceed to our next activity; we dipped different 3D numbers into paintings and print them on a canvas.

Special day


As you all know, we have started working on the portrait of our environment. Thus, we have been busy of using our imaginations into the portrait. Limsa was so immersed in painting the Desert using sand mixed orange-brownish paint and later on the forest with green paint. Aylin was also working on the part of the forest, gluing dried stems. Eliab was painting the sea and was very careful to not touch the icebergs with the blue paint, so that they can be white ice.

Next week’s schedule

Monday: Cooperative game

Tuesday: Literacy

Wednesday: Library

Thursday: Science

Friday: Math

Special day: Art

Have a nice weekend

Thank you,



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