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Hello dear parents,

Quick reminder: We are going to have our first Family Day this Saturday April 02,2022.

We had a wonderful time last week. the children are getting really excited about our first family day of the year that is going to be held on this Saturday April 2, 2022.

What did we do?

The activities we had last week were fun for the children and they enjoyed them a lot. Our activities were cooperative games, literacy, math, science and library.

During our cooperative games day, we had fun time playing football. During our activity we prepared a ball and four bottles, we placed them in a straight line but a space between them. For our activity the children run in a zigzag way between the bottles while pushing the ball with their feet, once they had finished they kicked the ball towards a goal. The children were really happy during the activity and while they were waiting for their friends to finish, they were cheering for them.

During our math day we had a counting and number recognition activity. For our activity we prepared buttons and paper plates that had numbers and equivalent amount of dots written on them.

We started our activity by having the children choose a paper plate of their choice, following that we asked the children if they know the numbers written on the plates. Most of the children recognized the numbers and if they didn’t, they counted the dots on the plate. Following that they used the buttons to match the number they saw on the plate.

What are we doing this week?

Monday – cooperative games

Tuesday – Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Our special activities

Tuesday – Music

Wednesday - Art


· Every Friday is our library day so please send the children with their library folders

· Make sure to send the children with friendly clothing on Wednesdays as it is our Art day .

Have a wonderful week!

Preschool team


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