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Greetings dear parents,

We had a wonderful week! We would like to inform you that school will be closed either Monday May 2 or Tuesday May 3 for the celebration of Eid Al-Fitr and also Thursday May 5 for Ethiopian Patriots day.

What did we do this week?

We started our days by sitting together in a semi-circle for large group. After we sit in a circle we talk about what our group had done in the morning; games they played, what they had for breakfast and what toys they used before they got into our large group room. Following that we do our attendance to see which of our friends are at school, once we were done with the attendance we sang the ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ based on the children choice. Once we had finished saying good morning to each other we sing one or two songs that the children chose, our favorite song of the week was ‘head, shoulder, knees and toes’. After that we moved on to our message board, we had different activities for them during different days, our activities were; counting, number recognition, tracing, patterns and zoo-phonics. After our message board we sing one more song and we got ready to go to our small group explorations.

For small group this week we had lots of fun while doing different activities.

Literacy: during our literacy day we had a fun time recapping on our zoo-phonics knowledge. We had all the letters A to Z and we talked about the names of the letters, and the sounds they make.

Math: this week during for our math activity we had an activity related to number recognition. Our activity was what comes before and after a certain number.

For our activity we had the children pick a number randomly, following that we asked the children what number came immediately before and after the number they chose.

Games: during our games we had a wonderful time talking about bike area rules. We started our activity by asking the children what our bike area rules were. The children told us some of the rules they remember, the rules were; drive slowly, no bumping with friends while riding a bike and sharing with friends. After they had told us the rules we added one rule they had forgotten which was to follow the traffic rule. Our traffic rule was always to follow the arrows while driving a bike.

After we finished talking about it, we had a small activity to practically do what we had discussed.

Next Weeks Plan

Monday- Cooperative game

Tuesday –Literacy

Wednesday – Science

Thursday – Math

Friday – Library

Our specials

Tuesday – Music and Movement

Wednesday - Art


· Every Wednesday we have art so please send your children with art appropriate clothing.

· Every Friday is our library day, so please send the children with their library folders

Have a nice weekend!

Preschool team


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