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Such A Wonderful Week In Kindergarten!

Hello Dear parents,


How did your week pass? Our week had been a blast and as always, a week filled with caring, sharing and helping each other.


Large group

For our large group session, we started by singing the good morning song. And through our large group we have been discussing when family day and football match day will be and have started putting a tally by counting down how many days we are left with. Participating in the circle time Calendar activity helped us increase our time management skills, and sharing our days allowed us to connect with one another. We had also been reading a book called “I spy with my little eye.” and it is such an amazing book that they have already started to eagerly wait for the next page. It was a week filled with learning and being respectful and friendly. 


This week for our literacy session was about consonant blend that has been going for the past weeks and looks like the kids enjoyed the session as well as learned from it and had started reading words using the blending words. And for the other group we have been doing cvc words that ends with ‘at’ they all had fun while learning overall we had an engaging and fun literacy session.

-      “Did I just do this by myself?” Matteo

-      “Give me more blending words.” Ha On


Our math session this week covered about Time, since everything in our school compound is interrelated with time, we started the lesson and the kids were happy and excited to count the time as well as do their own clock using a paper and were engaged while doing the activity and also were engaged while cutting out the minute hand and the hour hand as well as cutting the clock in circle. The other group was doing what comes next, and the kids were engaged and were counting the numbers and telling us what number comes after the given number.


Our journal session was a calm and more concentrated session. They were all busy in their own world and were focused and have been enjoying their journal music while sketching out their own creative ideas.


Our science activity had been the most engaging and fun session of the week, which was of course about the solar system. What we did was color our chart paper for the solar system all black and we talked about orbits and how the planets go around the sun in a circle. We had fun with paints.

-      “If you pass the line and paint the planets black, they will cry.” Abigail

-      “The plants are big but not small like the picture, right?” Yazeed

-      “Where is the shooting star?” Matteo


This week we have continued from our last canvas work which was the butterfly project and the kids have already started stamping their butterfly on the blue sky they had painted earlier and had a different idea of what their butterfly looks like and gave the canvas a life by imprinting their idea.

-      “Wow this black butterfly looks real!” Matteo

-      “Yellow” Eero

-      “Can it be blue and red my butterfly?” Andre

-      “Pink” Xinyuan

Our plan for next week is as follows: -

Large group

Songs: -Good morning songs

Circle time calendar

Books:- I spy with my little eye.


Small group

Monday: - Literacy

Tuesday: - Math

Wednesday: - Journal

Thursday: - Science

Friday: - Co-operative game / Music

Our  Special

Monday :- Ethiopian center / maker space

Wednesday :- Library

Thursday :- Art


  • Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

  • Every Wednesday we have Football, so please send your child with football appropriate clothing.

  • Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Thank you for your time!

Have a blast weekend!!!





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