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Kindergarten Weekly News

Our week was filled with exciting and challenging activities. Everyone worked so hard in problem-solving and helping each other out. Happy Birthday, Helle! We loved the chocolate cake!

We have been pretty busy planning for our up and coming event- Family day! This family days theme is all about our environment. The students have been engaging in a variety of activities that taught us more about the environment. From planting sunflower seeds, exploring in the mud, creating a beautiful collage using dry leaves and flowers and so on.

We have been working on two projects for three months. The Bookstore and Ocean center! The bookstore had a grand opening last semester, and our Authors sold a lot of their books. We continued this semester and we will be selling our new books on family day. Make sure to come with your checkbook!

Week in review!

Circle time: We have been introduced to riddles this week and had a great time trying to solve these poems. Here are some riddles we solved from the book ‘Little Louisiana.’ Ask your child during the weekends and have fun!

Riddle 1- pretty flowers for everyone lift smiling faces to the sun.

Riddle 2- we crawl around, we’re very slow, and carry our shells wherever we go.

Small group exploration:

We continued our plans from the previous week in art and started painting on our night and day ocean canvas. We used orange, red, yellow and green color. We painted a mermaid, submarine, corals and an underwater house!

The night ocean team used orange color and painted different lines and patterns.


Seven - “Ill paint a shark.”

Noha- “I will draw a surprise.”

Jessi- “ I will draw a flower in the ocean.”

Andre- “I will draw a submarine.”

Leon- “ I will draw an octopus.

Anne- “This is a house for Maraki! It's cool having a house under the ocean”.

Snack time convos:

Leon- Anne milk is really good for you; that is why I drink it every day.

Anne- Maraki why is milk good for us?

Maraki- It’s good for our bones because it has calcium and vitamin D.

Anne! What else is good for us?

Based on this discussion we read the book ‘To market, to market’ had a variety of foods on a paper and gave each student a scissor to cut each food item one by one.

Later on, we drew two columns on our board that said healthy and not healthy and placed each food under the columns they belonged. The next day we had a bunch of fruits and vegetables, and the students sorted them into their groups and enjoyed eating them later!

We will continue to explore in depth in this area in the coming weeks.

We had fun counting in 3’s, 4’s and in 5’s in math this week. We used different kinds of worksheets to challenge us! We also used our transportation and dinosaurs to help us count. We will be working on weight and its features.

Next week plans

Monday- Story telling with materials.

Tuesday- Measurement

Wednesday- Healthy Eating

Thursday- Rhymes and Riddles

Friday- Writing on sentence strips


Monday- Library

Tuesday- Art

Thursday- Music and Movement


Tuesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities get messy!

Monday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Have a Wonderful Adwa Celebration!

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