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Early Pre-K and Preschool


Dear parents a quick reminder, don’t forget to put Carrot and Cabbage to your shopping list!! This week the kids have been having a lot of fun feeding the Rabbits Carrot and Cabbage. They are taking care of them as their own. We are still working on their names, one of our friends suggested, we should name them “Elsa” and “Anna” something to think about! We are happy to see our friend Emma back to our school after a long time. We would like to say thank you for those who were here for family day.

During small group

Tops and Leads Mondays; As we mentioned in our last blog, we are

interested in challenging ourselves in different learning areas. And this week we wanted to do some fine motor skills developing activities in our class. We explored with tops and leads activity and we used paper plates and yarn to see if we can wave! The tops and leads activity went really great as they tried to close and open the water bottle. After they finished doing tops and leads, they went to waving with paper plates and yarns.

Next Monday; we will be playing "Tag War".

Measurement Tuesday; for our math class, we went back to measurement. Last week we planned to let them measure the “Bear” on a paper but we decided why not use the toy bears! So we gave them the toy bears and cars to measure with beads, Popsicle stick, and ruler. We can say it was fun for them because they get to use toys and cars! But beyond that, it was a good math activity for measurement and counting.

Next Tuesday; we are planning to do weight. We exposed the idea through our board messages for them.

Habitat Wednesday; as you all know, we did an activity about animals habitats during our science class. This week we actually wanted to do the four habitats, which is Desert, Snow, Tree, and Ocean. We already finished with the desert and tree. We will continue on our snow and ocean animals soon.

Next Wednesday; since we changed our last week’s plan of watering the garden to making the habitats for animals, we will do it next week.

Thursday; we prepared ourselves for our family day, and we are decorated our school and classroom based on our theme. On Thursday, they made an octopus that has blue tentacles and green head; it’s a special type of octopus! You usually don’t see that in the ocean, but you had the chance to see it in our family day.

Next Thursday; as our kids loved the puppets show so much and when we asked if they want to do it again, it was 100% yes!!

Decoration Friday; Friday was making our classroom look like an ocean! We covered the front door with blue paper so it can look like an ocean and with the help of our teachers; we cut out the shape of fishes and stick them on the paper.

Our special

Art; our project is almost at the end. This week, they finished making the “Night time” for the banana-shaped moon! And we talked about what stars look like and how are we going to make them. They used foil to make the stars, and one friend suggested I would be a good idea if we can draw a star and cut it out, so we will be doing so starting from next week.

During work time

Our Ethiopian center is going really good and the kids are enjoying so much as they tried to make “Enjera” and eat “kollo”. And they are learning different Amharic words at the same time.

Here Reacheal is preparing to make Enjera!


Mon- Music

Wed- Art


Wednesday is our Art day, please make sure your child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities get messy!

Friday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Please send your child with sunscreen and hat.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

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