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Early Pre School Insight

Dear parents,

We hope you enjoyed Saterdays' family day. Our environment-themed family day displayed how the kids are determined and concerned about the environment. we hope you had a good time.

this week in Early preschool

• Large groups had been fantastic. One of the most exciting things we did in our large groups was when made frogs to decorate our class, and the kids used recycled paper plates, scrap paper, and glue to make the frogs we also made a pond for our frogs. We enjoyed reading books in the new reading corner. This week’s famous book was ‘the snow-white’. Our board messages include zoo-phonics letter challenges, pattern making, tracing skills, and continuity. We also sing this week’s favorites song ‘Down by the bay song.’

• In math, we continued our numbering activity using numbered boxes, dinosaurs, and bears. This week we challenge each kid to find numbers that have the value of the bears or the dinosaur they have in hand. They started to notice the differences between each number.

Dominic says ‘number 8 has two circles’,

Celeste says ‘6 have small circles like 9.’

• Our science Thursday we went outside to make the final preparation to plant our carrots. The kids choose the space they wanted to use to plant their carrots, and they planted it on family day. but since only Hazel and Celeste planted the carrots we are planning to to plant with other kids.

• Literacy Friday was the most fun. We had a pupate show. The kids enjoyed the show with lots of excitement. The show was about two good friends who got into conflicts and tried ways to resolve the dispute by sharing, waiting for a turn, and playing together.

We hope you had fun family day. Photos from family day are coming soon!

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