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Kindergarten News!

They are finally here!!! Our rabbits have arrived safely from Debrezeit. All our students and teachers were excited to welcome them! Hope your weekend shopping was full of carrots and cabbage!!!

The fun part of teaching has always been engaging with the students, listening to their stories, helping them in their learning journey and creating adventure based projects that arise up from their curiosity. It has always been and will be the most important part of my job!

For the past couple of months, the students have been learning, discovering, researching and reading about our environment. As you read in my previous blogs, there were a lot of areas that we explored.

From investigating our grass area to finding exciting things (living and non-living!), going to the light box to see what we found up close, making sure we are doing our best to protect our environment and last but not least investigating about the ocean and its features!

We all have worked so hard to present to you last weekend’s environment-themed family day! The staff and students have meet last week to discuss how they can work together to showcase their learning. Some of us made huge trees in our class, while others worked on creating an in-door under the ocean artwork that has big waves and coral leaves, and hanged jellyfishes from our class ceiling! We hope you enjoyed family day!!!

What we did in a small group!

Our class last week was introduced to a new kind of storytelling method. We decided to do this when Anne asked during small group exploration if we can add some toys for journals. Based on this fantastic question, I decided to have a lesson about a Theatre!

We were very excited to learn about a stage, costumes and script types! This was an interesting and new concept for the students. We will be exploring in depth in this area and see where it will take us! Anne and Julieta were in charge of costume design and Leon and Sun helped preparing the stage!

In math class, we measured ourselves using a variety of materials. We later on collected data on our board to analyze what material took more objects to measure and to find out who is tall in our class.

Hope you all have a great week!!!

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