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Infants and Toddlers

We had an amazing week, it was short, but it was still fun. We are so happy to say we have welcomed a new friend to our group called Sage.


Small Group

This week for a small group we had Goop, Exploring with shapes and cooperative games.

For cooperative games, we had a fun time playing a sharing game. For this activity we prepared plates for each child and to types of balloons, some had water in them, and some didn’t. We stared at the activity by giving the plates to each child and caregivers, then we put one of the balloons that didn’t have water in it on one of their caregivers. Then we passed it around in a circle, passing it from plate to plate until it got back to the caregiver who started passing the balloon, the children found this part easy.

Then we asked them if we should try this activity with the balloons that have water in them, and the children were excited to do so. Then the children tried to pass the balloon that has water in it to their friends using the plates, but they found it be a bit hard. Some of the children said “this is heavy”, so instead of passing it to their friends using plates they decided to use their hands. Some picked it up with their hands and handed it to their friends and couldn’t pick it up, so they rolled to their friends. We had so much fun!

Next Week


Tuesday-Exploring with Shapes


Thursday-Cooperative games



Wednesday is our group’s library day; please send your child with their library folders when they come in the morning.

Also, we have Art on Wednesday so try to send your child with art appropriate cloth.

Thank you!

Have a nice weekend!

Infants and Toddlers Team.

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