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Infants and Toddlers

Dear parents,

It was another wonderful week here at Little Einsteins’.

We would like to thank our parents for joining us on Saturday for our annual art auction and for also coming throughout the week for Parent/Teacher conferences.

School will be closed either on May 4 or May 5 for Ramadan holiday. We will be sending text messages in the morning of the holiday to notify you.

Monday June 3 and Tuesday June 4 will be picture day for every group in the school. The days may be pushed a day depending on the holiday.

We would like to inform you that we have started registrations for summer camp that will begin on June 17 and at July 12.

Large group

This week for large group the children were really excited because of the new corner we have in our room, which is ‘Cars’ corner.

Small group

For small group this week we had Art, Games, and Slimy Fun.

We had lots offun making collages using different materials we have in our art studio. Thepreviousweek some of the children inourgroup went into the art room and chose materials they wanted to use; things like yarn, ribbons, paper and some beads. So this week we tried to recall the things we collected and for our art activity, thenthe children chose one coloured paper each, then theypainted some glue on their papers andstarted to stick the things they chose on their paper.

Two of the activities we had this week had are repetitions from last week, but they still enjoyed doing them.

Next week


Tuesday-Obstacle Course


Thursday-Water Fun

Friday-Messy Fun

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