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A week in our Kindergarten Class

Dear parents,

We had an exciting week. The children were learning fun ways to know about shapes, colors, zoo phonics and inner body parts.

Large group

For our large group as we always do we started by singing the good morning song, explored the world of semi-circles, discovering their properties and creating beautiful shapes. We learned about it, participating in the circle time calendar activity strengthened our time management and organizational skills, while also fostering a sense of community and togetherness. Sharing about our days allowed us to connect with one another and build meaningful relationships. It was a week filled with learning, creativity, and friendship.

Small group

Co-operative game

In our co-operative session we Learned ‘riding rules’ and following arrows while riding bikes gave us a fun and rewarding experience, while also ensuring our safety.


This week for math we explored about shapes like that of Hexagon, Pentagon and Semi-circle with fun materials which gave us an exciting and rewarding experience.

“Look I did robot with shapes.”

“Hexagon has 6 shapes.”


This week for our literacy class we did the zoo phonics which was fun and exciting, made all the kids were engaged in the activity.

“Gordo gorilla is peeling banana.”

“Yummy yummy banana.”


This week for our science session we did the inner body part which has continued from last week and this time we did it with a puzzle and we were amazed by how fast our kids did the puzzle.

Our plan for next week is as follows:-

Large group

Song: -Good morning song

Circle time Calendar

Books: - ‘The cat with the Hat’


Small group

Monday:- Literacy

Tuesday:- Math

Wednesday :- Journal

Thursday :- Science

Friday :- Co-operative Game / Music


Every Wednesday is our library day, so we will be sending a book that your child picked from our library, which will be returned after a week on library day.

Every Thursday is our art day so please send your child with art appropriate clothing.

Have a blast weekend!!!


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