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Amazing Week in Early pre school and Pre school

Early Preschool and Preschool had another successful week! We hope yours was great as well!

Large group

Our large group had lots of fun. We started the day by singing our Good Morning song and other fun songs. After that, we went back to our message board, where we took attendance, talked about the days of the week and the weather. We also read a book called "How Much You Love Me" and asked our students how much they loved their parents and friends. We had a great time!


Small group


During our music session, we had a lot of fun singing different songs like ‘Miss Polly Had a Dolly,’ ‘If You're Happy and You Know It,’ and ‘I Like to Move It, Move It.’ We also got to explore different musical instruments, which was enjoyable for everyone involved.


During our math session, we counted objects from 1-10 using various items such as pencils, yogurt cups, pom poms, brushes, and books. We had a great time!

"I have 5 cups" Nina.

" I have 7 pencils" Alya

"I count 7 pom poms." Aria


During our library session, the students had a wonderful time reading various books with their friends and selecting one to take home.


During our science session this week, we discussed different types of transportation. Specifically, we explored water transportation, including motorboats, Jet skis, submarines, sailboat and ships.

"Submarine looks like a fish" Liyat

"I like Jet skiing" Yamen

"Ship is very big" Milena



During our art session, we worked on our canvases. We prepared shapes of different animals that we can see in the ocean, including fish, crabs, octopus, starfish, and ducks. Next, our students took turns choosing the shape they wanted. They dipped the shape in their favorite paint and then stamped it on the canvas. Everyone took turns working on their canvas, and it was a great time.



In our literacy class, we created journals where our students drew their favorite things using different colors.

                                  "This is my rainbow Robot" Shishani

                                   "This is a police Car" Liyat


Ethiopian center

In our Ethiopian center, we read a storybook and explored various Ethiopian items. We saw different musical instruments such as drums, flutes, and Kirar (Ethiopian traditional Guitar). Next, our students took turns making coffee for us. We had an amazing time.


Our plan for next week is as follows.

Monday - Music /Cooperative Game

Tuesday - Math

Wednesday - Science

Thursday - Literacy

Friday - Gymnastics


Our Specials

Tuesday - Library

Wednesday - Art

Friday -Ethiopia Center / Maker space


  • Every Tuesday is our library day, so please make sure to return the library folder.

  • Please send your child sunscreen and a hat as it gets sunny after snack time.

  • Every Wednesday, we have Art so please send your children with art-appropriate clothing.

                                          Have a nice weekend!!



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