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Infants and Toddlers

What a wonderful week it has been! Hope everyone had a nice long holiday. We are really excited to have most of our friends back at school.

For small group this week had music, art, treasure hunting, and color sorting.

We played a fun game that the children really enjoyed for color sorting. What we did was we prepared baskets and balls that have different colors namely blue, red, yellow and green. Following that we talked about the colored balls we saw in the box.

After that we played a little game, we picked one colored ball from the box and we tried to much it to the basket with the same color. First the children took turns doing it, after everyone got a turn they started helping each other by putting the balls in the basket and dumping them all out to do it all over again.

Treasure hunting was really fun. Before we started the activity we heed some of their favorite toys from out classroom in the sand box. It was exciting for the children to dig through the sand using small shovels and at times their hands to find the toys.

Plans for the next two weeks

Monday- Movement (Pretend to be Animals)


Wednesday- Follow the Trail

Thursday- Sensory Bags and Bottles

Friday- Art


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