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Pre school this week

Today concludes the end of another exciting week with our Little Einsteins! Starting from Monday we had decided to split up our groups into transitional preschools with Henock and Loren and preschool with Negede and Yerus. Here’s a brief summary of what we did on our last week together.

Large group:

We all enjoy beginning our large group time by reading books together. Then after saying good morning to all our friends, we read the daily message board. This week, we’ve been talking a lot about numbers – how fun! We’ve had 3 daily messages to work out and read together. The kids have loved talking about how the weather changes each day; sometimes sunny, cloudy, or rainy!

Small group:

This week has been full of exciting new explorations! For our science class, we had fun using the light box and shaving cream. We explored with the foamy texture, and made observations about what happened when we added different colors. One of the highlights of the week was our music class. Everyone had fun participating in singing, stretching, and dancing, as we wiggled and grooved our way through a variety of musical beats and lyrics. We also drew on the first page of our journals, and took turns in explaining to our friends what the meaning of our story was. For our math class, we enjoyed making a “numbers soup” together! We had fun counting and adding magnets, beads, and pom poms – to create the perfect recipe for a tasty meal! Yummmmmy! And for our library day we had exciting time reading different books and checking out favorite ones.

Next week:

Monday – Math

Tuesday – Closed for Meskel celebration

Wednesday – Library

Thursday – Journals

Friday Literacy/language


  • Due to start of the dry season please pack hat and sunscreen.

  • On Mondays please make sure your child wears old clothe and shoe for art.

  • Don’t forget library folders on Wednesdays for the kids to check out books.

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