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Pre k this week!

Dear parents,

Hope you enjoyed your fall week break. We were happy to know that

pre k’s has been thinking of school even though away. Thank you for bringing things for our ocean center. Our large group was like geography and history lessons. It gave us chance to talk about our countries while learning our flag colors.

Quotes from pre k

“Sharks are so scary, they have 200 teeth, and they all are going to bite you!”

“I went to seashells and found a fish! The kind you can eat.”

“ My dad wrote me a letter and I didn’t like it cause I can’t read it. I post it on the fridge. I think it’s about me and my brother!”

“Puffer fishes are so funny because they blow like balloons and they have spikes on the balloon. ”

"This science is like making potion."

Next week activities

Monday- Sports Monday

Tuesday- Math

Wednesday – Library

Thursday – Literacy/ journals

Friday – Science

Specials Monday: - Music/yoga

Friday: - Art


  • Please make sure your child wears old clothes and shoes on Friday for art.

  • Please Send sunscreens and hats.

  • On Oct 31 kids can wear costumes and please bring a bag of candy to share.

Looking forward to see you on family day!!

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