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This week in Preschool Class....

Dear parents,

We had a nice week! We would like to say thank you to Isheja’s brother for coming and volunteering by assisting the teachers and helping our children at clean up times. We enjoyed having him!

All About this week,

This time of the day is by the far the most exciting time for the preschoolers, to sit down and share ideas and talk about what plans we have.

We enjoyed our Math class, where we had an activity called number flag. We loved finding different number flags and matching the numbers with the different beads.

For Science class we explored with Ice, we talked about what Ice is, where we can find Ice and also why Ice melts on our hands. After exploring with the Ice we shared our observations and gave our predictions. Finally we put Food coloring on the ice to see cause and effect.

Our music class was so much fun. We continued playing ‘Mr. Fox’ and we also introduce a new game ‘Duck Duck and Gooses’ we loved running and chasing our friends around.

We also enjoyed our library time where we took turns in reading books and sharing our own stories. We also check out or favorite books home so we can read with our parents

Next week plans,

Monday- Literacy (Zoo phonics’)

Tuesday- Math (Number flags)

Wednesday- Journals (Sharing stories)

Thursday- Science (Experimenting with Ice)

Friday – library (Check out day)


Tuesday- Music (Cooperative games)

Thursday- Art (Individual work)


As you may have noticed the weather here fluctuates a lot during the day between hot and cold, we ask that you send your child with layers that they can take off and put on accordingly!

Thursday is our art day, please make sure child wear their ‘Art clothes’ because we use paints and our activities might get messy.

Friday is our Library day!! Don’t forget to send library folders so your child can choose a new book.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Preschool team

Negede, Liya and Eyerus

Negede (+251 911 968 881)

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