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Dear parents,

Another great week in little Einsteins! Pre- k is so excited about our upcoming art auction. Hope you marked your calendars for a fancy Black Tie event on May 12th. On another note no school on Tuesday due to labor day!

From all of our activities what we enjoyed most was the rally games.

We had 3 teams of red, yellow and blue and we passed tissue rolls to our teams mates and ran to the finish line. Despite how tired we were it was soooo much fun!

Another science curiosity we tackled was about changes. We were so fascinated to find out how simple things can affect and change things around us. Weather it be heat/temprature, pressure or even mixing. So we tried the taste of different ripe and unripe fruits; mixing flour with water and vinegar; dissolving salt and sugar; texture of cooked and uncooked rice e.t.c. We encourage that you carry out this conversation whenever possible.

Small group activity

Monday- Light box

Tuesday- no school (Labour day)

Wednesday- Library

Thursday- Literacy

Friday- Science

Specials:- Monday Music

- Friday Art

Reminders- No school on Tuesday since its Labor day.

- Please send extra clothing due to random weather change.

- Old clothes and shoes for art on Fridays

- Please send library folders on Wednesdays.

Have lovely weekend!!

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